Back in merry england

We are back in the UK for a quick visit. The first for several years. What’s struck us the most has been the state of the roads. You are driving along an A road and suddenly there is a warning that the road ahead is closed. Next thing you know there is a barrier across the road and that’s that. OK for the locals but a right pain in the backside for somebody who is not a local. As there are no deviation signsThe state of many of the roads is not good. I was almost seasick yesterday being driven quickly down one by a family member. And, once again, this was an A road not a back alley.

However it was great to walk around the shops and be able to understand every word. Talking to people, reading and watching the news we get the impression that all is not well over the channel. The atmosphere is far from positive.


I am dreading going back for a school reunion in a few weeks time and might well abort the mission altogether if I can’t be sure how many are going to turn up and at the moment there have been almost no confirmations.

I love the UK…regardless of its problems and faults……and potholes. It is such a charming beautiful country.

A lot of people in the UK don’t get that. The Daily Hate don’t get that.

Do we always have to always put the UK down. The UK is the leader of the free world.

Just a tad over the top, don’t you think? Even the USA which would claim that isn’t a true democracy either.
I don’t know enough in detail about the French system but I am pretty sure that it is more of a democracy than either of those 2.


Doesn’t that work both ways though, going by a lot of your posts moaning about things in France, but you love the UK.


Quite possibly people waiting to see who signs up first?

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It could be except that I have lost the list so can’t contact them to find out.

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That is a fair point…you can have a heart for that.

But just one :melting_face:

France the UK…same shìt different coloured flag.

Take your pick.

Macron invoked 49.3.

Which is why you have had all the riots recently.

That is not democracy. That is some form of Macron dictatorship.

I thought it was because people didn’t want to retire later? That’s certainly what they and their banners generally said from what I saw anyway, a few mentions of 49.3 on the fringes certainly but mainly pensions.


Having followed the whole thing quite closely… I feel tempted to “blame” (if one must blame anybody) those folk who undertook the filibustering… that’s when the rot started, in my view…


He could only pass the law regarding retirement age by invoking 49.3.

That said, some economists say there other ways of doing this.

France IMHO should lead the world with regards to retirement age.

Why should someone have to retire at such a late age in their life. Makes the whole point of living quite pointless.

Like it or not, it was entirely constitutional and I suspect there would have been riots even if it had passed by vote.

If you want to see a creeping reduction in freedom and accountability, just take a look at the UK where it seems every bill is reducing freedom of speech and the right of protest and reducing parliamentary scrutiny through increasingly giving power to the executive to implement law.
Then take a look at the Cabinet Office scrutinising the social media history of guest speakers and uninviting them if they’ve ever criticised government.

Leader of the free world? Not by a long chalk.


It’s a lot later on in the UK and will not be long until your into your 70’s before you retire.
Leading the way is great and noble, but you have to be able to fund it all and that wasn’t going to happen if they had kept the pension age they had, it had to change.

AI will replace millions of jobs across the planet.

How do you retire at 65 when AI has replaced you at 45 ?

New world order.

If you think I am joking……well get ready.

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I don’t have to, I retired at 44 :wink:

To France !

Not in merry old england you dont, that ship sailed years ago


Yes, I live and are a resident here.

Loverly….are you going to complain against those i n France who have to retire 20 years later than you ?