Back in merry england


That is why people are protesting…and I am with them.

IMHO it makes sense to enjoy whatever life one has, to one’s best ability… :slight_smile:

During my fulltime education, I started work at 11 years of age… evening paper-round at a Nuffield Nursing Home, plus Saturday mornings spent working in the shop… didn’t stop me enjoying my life. It taught me to value my hard-earned wages… and make the most of whatever I was doing at the time… :+1: :+1: :wink: :rofl:


Are you aware how the pension age, and the number of trimestres needed for a full pension, was increased in the UK? So it now stands at 67 years old and 35 years of contributions.

It was imposed without a vote, and indeed without telling hundreds of thousands of people nearing (what they thought) full retirement that it had changed.

They weren’t even given a chance to riot!


I knew about it years back when working at Royal and Sun insurance/ pensions. I could not believe how under the carpet it was done and why the media were not shouting about it. I learnt then exactly what the UK was like.


Why would I do that :face_with_raised_eyebrow::roll_eyes: I don’t cost the state here any money by retiring early, but the present retirement age in France was not financially sustainable to the French people and state so had to change, it had to be someone who grasped the bull by the horns and Macron choose it to be him, it’s not that no one knew about the changes before they voted him back for a second term.


It’s perfectly constitutional. We have a written constitution, unlike the UK.


Well in a lot of places it’s a lot later than it is in France, even with the new reform.

The UK is in a mess and no intelligent person can dispute that.


Anyway… to get this thread back onto a more even keel… I’ve decided to stop replying and concentrate on homemade Cauliflower Soup for tonight’s supper…

Over… and … Out… :wink:


Trying to tell my Anglo French sons(born and brought up in France) that while UK may be fantastic for them (ie the drinking culture and nightlife etc) France in my opinion was better for bringing them up.
They love England,Manchester and London and may well move over if the opportunity arises.
My sister lived for 35 years in Trentino one of the most scenic areas of Italy but she has moved back to UK because she finds the English people so much more friendly (if you are on your own)Her Anglo/Italian daughters have also moved back to UK and plan to stay.
As for me I live between both as I am looking after an elderly parent in Uk.
Yes the potholes in the roads are terrible and the government too but both countries have their merits;


France is a mess…no one can dispute that.

If you watch BFM…
.there are the same stories in France.

People knock me for criticizing France but in fact it is the opposite.

Apparently statics on child murders have barely changed in this and last century.

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I dont live i n the UK….what they do is their business.

Classic :laughing::laughing::laughing:


I’d settle for AI loading and unloading my dishwasher.


I dispute it, France isn’t a mess. There are problems of course, there always have been but I know which country I much prefer to be domiciled at this moment.


Not any more it isn’t.
This government is almost as far right as Attila the Hun.