Back in merry england

No one knocks you for anything, with the greatest of respect to you I doubt anyone gives your opinions/ comments enough importance to feel moved one way or another. To be completely clear this isn’t a personal dig at you, I’m sure it’s the same with my comments, but rather a reminder of the old ‘opinions are like :peach:…’ saying. You can waffle on on the internet just as I can, but it’s not exactly important to anyone but us ourselves.


Which is fine, except that you complain for example about Macron being unconstitutional (which he wasn’t) without any apparent awareness of what are current norms in the developed world, and without informing yourself of the context. So your posts come across as very narrowly focused rants - and a touch dull as don’t tell me anything interesting.


Think MCA stands for Monsieur Continually Angry…


Mr Craves Attention



Anyway… to get this thread back onto a more even keel… I’ve decided to stop replying and concentrate on homemade Cauliflower Soup for tonight’s supper…

Over… and … Out… :wink:

Thread drift alert, not about Merry England. :smile:
Unless that’s where your recipe came from of course. :wink: :joy:

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Better not head to the UK too soon then MCA.

You’ll get a right shock if you think France’s new retirement age is too much.

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Good try! Food usually does the trick but cauliflower, mmmm…

What cheese might you add to your soup?

We’ve just had 3 friends from England visit, and had a very Merry England time. The one thing that can’t be beat is the english sense of humour!


I’m no longer sure about that. I once had to endure a lecture from a brexity relative about how ‘Boris’ exemplified the British sense of humour :flushed: :-1:


Not Boris’s humour for sure! Our friends are much, much more fun.

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And real ale in a countryside or seaside pub and a fish and chips supper.


I did get close in Dieppe with fish and chips :blush:

One of the best f&c in Kent used to be top of Whitfield hill on the right coming out of Dover. Well worth the wait coming off the ferry.

Only things in my (English) cauliflower soup:
Cauliflower florets, green outer leaves (but toughest ribs removed), a good slug of olive oil, garlic, herbs and seasoning… and just enough water to cover it all…

@David_Spardo It is my variation on an English recipe… although cauliflower recipes abound in most countries… :wink:

and, of course, the fresher the ingredients the better the flavour :+1:


eg potage Du Barry. Anything Du Barry is cauliflower, when I was little I thought because of hairstyles at the time of Mme du Barry but perhaps it isn’t.


A quick Google and the screen is full of Du Barry ideas…

I’m happy to stick with my own simple offering… but very keen to try the Du Barry variations if the oportunity arises when we’re out and about… :wink:

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Not for me thanks - I’m vegetarian :wink: :rofl:


A little added protein (?)… not a bad idea, except it might change the colour of this very “white” soup…


@Jane Jones

Quite possibly people waiting to see who signs up first?

Think you might be right, got a round robin email this morning, sent to only 10 recipients, asking that people who have shown an interest now make a firm commitment so that bookings can be made for the meal etc.

If only 10 out of more than 30 have expressed an interest and none have confirmed, I think that even allowing for the 5 deceased, that is a helluva lot who don’t seem inclined.

I can see that while Fran is away on her week’s hebergement, the dogs and I might have a relaxed week at home. :wink: :joy:


Maybe switch it to Zoom?