Bathroom PVC wall panels - how to buy in France

I am wanting to buy some black pvc sparkle wall panels for our new bathroom here in France. There are loads of Uk sites selling but no-one seems to send to France. Has anyone come across a company selling them here or a UK company that will ship to France?

Hi Julie, we bought from Castorama in Beziers, packs of wall panels that slot together for our kitchen ceiling, but also had to withstand moisture rising from the hob, he also glued the joints together properly - we were kitche,bathroom/bedroom specialists in the UK. So if Daniel can’t help, I suggest you go to a local to you, probably in or near your nearest large town, a large builders merchants,or find a French bathroom / kitchen specialist who may be able to help.

You can imagine the fun I had standing on a large step ladder while he was on worktop or a ladder, alternatively, pushing up and holding above our heads while he fixed to the ceiling he had put batons on in preparation!

The ceiling looked great and still does 6/7 years laterto best of my knowledge from a friend!

Hi , no problem

can you drop me a email (address on out website_ and I will send the pdf brochure , sample pic of our black sparkle and costs back,

thanks Dan


Hi Daniel

What I'm looking for is a 'black sparkle' type panel that will cover our back shower wall - 240cm high by 365cm long plus the edging strips

Hi we ship it or collect from Limoges , how much (m2) do you need as we do different widths and lengths
Thanks Dan

Hello,i know this might be along shot but i am looking for Sparkle/glitter wall panels in white for a bathroom project i have started and now cant seem to find the panels i need in France ! i have seen on here that you might be able to help ?
thaks in advanse.

Hello, i know its a long shot but did you ever find the sparkle panels here in France ? i am desperately searching for them for my bathroom that is in pieces waiting to buy the panels.
i hope you can reply.thanks.

No never found them at a cost we could pay in France but bought them through the company that contacted us and had them shipped - was miles cheaper than anything we could find here. The company were great - the panels have been up a good few years and I’m really happy with them. So much better than tiles and grout - warmer too;
Julie Butters

The company I used was glass2france and they helped me arrange separate shipment to our home.

Thankyou so much for your reply.
Do you know the website or telephone number,or any contact details ?
Where you bought from.
I would love to ask them about availability of sparkly panels ?
Thankyou once again for your help,much appreciated.

Have you tried taking a picture of what you are looking for into your nearest big bathroom supplier? Panneaux d’habillage des murs are very common here, so likely to have ones in glass too. Try a fairly posh one rather than a bargain basement shop. You might find with the extra import tax on good from the UK it is worth your while to source here or in Italy.

Hello yes of course we can help
What is the size of wall you need to cover as we have two options a narrow board and a 1000mm wide board ?
If you can send over sizes and sort code / postcode I can get the cost delivered to door
Please also advise
If you require finishing trims ?
I will forward the brochure shortly

Hi Anton
I checked up - they were 'glass2france ’ but I think they might have gone out of business as I can’t seem to get any updated links. I know that since we put ours in they have become more popular in France but I think are still quite expensive. Sorry I can’t be of more help.

Search on ‘’ might still be trading


Thankyou very much for your reply and look forward to hearing from you.
K am looking for in White pvc but with the glitter/spatule effectivement for a bathroom ceiling.
And if affordable later on this year for a 2nd bathroom the same product on black.
I will need to measure up,but i will.
My postcode is 32450

I am waiting on your reply please i need an approx 8m2 and my postcode is 32450.
Can you send prices please.

We are about to re furbished shower room.
I do not want to re-tile (big job for complete room) but use waterproof boards on top of the shower cubicle instead.
In uk I would have used Aquaboard or a product from IPSL
my plumber is quoting €1200 for side wall in shower cubicle of 3mx2m and end wall of 1,5m x2m…I can’t find a product online to see why it is so expensive here.
Any suggestions of a similar French product?

Is this the sort of thing you are after, @strudball - if so they are very common here!

I’m looking for perspex sheets for a similar purpose. Eg a 2.5m square one. And could even use bigger ones.

Are perspex sheets ideally thin so light, findable and deliverable? They’re not going to fit in my car or on my trailer. Ideally as light as possible.