BBC iPlayer


Finally got broadband, tried BBC iPlayer only to be told, well you know this already.

I seem to recall somebody said that there is a way around this problem.

Could anyone give me some advice on what I can do to access BBC iPlayer


Peter S

Peter, go here

FYI this is on the Miscellaneous page of Useful Links

So I believe, but we only tend to watch 'live' TV. We have downloaded from Zattoo, we have a full package Swiss subscription, but we had some pixellation on that even.

You can download rather than stream (so you can do it overnight and watch at leisure with no worries about bandwidth) if I remember correctly.

If we had the Mbps speeds on our line to support it, which here in France many people do not.

Hola Better Internet seems to work well for us. Its just an extension to the Chrome browser. Then all you have to do is link your TV to computer with an HDMI cable and it looks as good as the original TV picture.


That about sums it up. Yes, tried a lot of that but to no avail given the cable to this cluster of house was put up by the Flintstones and thus far we have two new users during 2014 and two more in 2015 connected and a couple more houses/conversions pending.

I test like you. I rarely get up to 0.8 Mbps, which will be in the depths of night when other people sleep, so try as I may it doesn't improve. We are thinking about satellite in the near future, some of the downloads (for instance, a two hour long video) were so slow it was painful last month. We need speed for work, to use sat for TV is folly unless paying for the top price packages because the Gigs get eaten voraciously viewing, put other use on top and it is not viable on the cheap packages.

Virtual Private Network, dada!

We use it as well. Seems to be a good service.

We've used Expat Network-think it's a fiver a month. Goes through their server in London & uses a VPN whatever that is!

We've even done the lottery & then panicked in case we won & there was a big hullabaloo & the neighbour's told the lottery people we were in France-fat chance!

Any chance of satellite internet getting cheaper? I worked out the cost for us of 4 hours tv a day plus moderate email to be around 80€ a month which isn't bad when you consider that lots of people in the UK happily pay Sky this amount every month when they have already paid their licence fee. The trouble is we have had free UK tv so any payment hurts!

If people have a decent line speed...

There are two sorts of BBC iPlayer. One for expats available on iPads from ex-UK IP addresses which I subscribe to and is great as its a sort of "best of the BBC". The second one is the UK iPlayer and you have to have a UK IP address to access it. We use Hola, which allows you to change IP country at a click and works perfectly for us (and has done so for 6 months on several computers) to let us access this.

Only get .5 mb download but Filmon works OK during the day but a lot of buffering in the evening. We have an Android box with Orange Livebox to get the feed. Works better on my Mac Mini which has more processing power than the Android box. We are 20kms north of Pau in 64 in a hamlet of 10 houses so I'm not holding my breath for a better internet anytime soon.

I actually agree with you to the final dotted i, it is the 'promises' and predictions I was looking at. However, my miserable 0.16Mbps upload speed is not what I prefer. A German company making fibre optic cables has criticised national cable network owners for copper by saying that each time a line is down and is unrepairable there is no reason why a fibre optic stretch is not installed. The more that is done, the lower the production price with increased demand and available supply. It would be more expensive than copper now, but given the high price of electronic grade copper cable it is not that far apart. Given that the copper is largely going to be replaced anyway, ultimately the fibre optics now would save money. My friend in Manila right now has convinced one of the telephone companies to only install and replace with fibre optics. As he says, at home in Berlin his speeds are on average one-fiftieth of that in parts of Metro-Manila!

There are still all the challenges that are up against 4G, such as the spectrum crisis and high energy consumption. Wireless systems providers are facing increasing demand for high data rates and mobility required by new wireless applications. Therefore they have started research on 5G wireless systems that are expected to be available after 2020. In Korea they are testing in selected communities apparently. My friend who is in the Philippines helping upgrading to 4G in central Manila but 3G generally through the larger islands, keeps tabs on it. As he said, 6G is expected by the late 20s but by then a lot of us may not be around to see it or have a clue what is going on anyway.

We use HotSpotShield VPN which is a subscription service and seems to work OK. Over the Christmas period we realised how much Film content you are unable to watch via iplayer and the likes, even question of sport is blocked due to content rights.

We have poor broadband and often get buffering. Trying to download programmes takes far too long.

Anyway, following advise from another thread we have been testing Filmon, so far so good. Much much less buffering, at times the picture quality is slightly less (you can subscribe for HD streaming). All content is available as advertised and there are many channels to choose from. Also down loaded the iPad app and this works well too.

Certainly worth a try, especially as it is free and from what I can ascertain due to some legal technicality this is perfectly legal.

I'll drink to that, cheers :-D

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