BBC Reporter Simon McCoy's honest royal baby coverage!

I'm looking forward to the revolution when he will have to change his name to "Formerly known as Prince".

Arkwright, bless you.

Oi Summerton! You are asking to be Kevinned ;-)

Names? How about a modern list like :shane, mason, tyler, curtis, dwayne, kade, kane, troy, leroy, brooklyn, tyrone?

we could also consider

Jean Pierre,Barry,Gary,Dick,Brian,Peaches,Coco,Richard,Kyle,Ricky,Chance,Ashley,Liberace,Jermaine,Larry, Armand,Tarquin,oh, and of course;; Bruce!


I think it will be called James. After Mr H of course...

Ignorance breeds contempt sweetie. As Bruce says, accept the status quo, saves thinking.

"Seaman Stains"".....Oh, bona!...innee bold Julian? How fantabulosa! You've made me remember my days in the Merch!

But, Seaman Stains, wasn't that Ronald MacDonald wipping the ketchup off your jacket in your old photo... ;-)

I just knew old Arkwright would chip in. I thought it would be sooner, obviously a rush on in the shop. Put me down for an elected democracy. We could go the whole hog and vote for Ronald MacDonald. Honk Honk, all would be wonderful then!
A barmy 36 in the shade currently so I’m off to get my moobs out on the beach. Thankfully I have some cheap sunscreen!

count me in on the elected democracy bit too, Brian ;-)

One has tiny ears...

Bruce, you and I appear to be OK with not just selecting but also having 'Joe Public' as head of state. At least it is democratic. Democracy allows us to get things wrong as well. Monarchy simply drains cash from the coffers. The point missed about France and the USA is the limit placed on how many times the elected head of state is allowed in office.

In November the heir to the present English throne will be 65. Still not done a meaningful day's anything.

Madam clever clogs clearly knows why Charlie changed from arch and anth to history at the end of his first year. Tell us all. Let us all know the future 'genius' we have from grandfather and father's bloodline. If my Scots pals decide to go alone some time in the future, then any stupid twittering about Stuarts would be totally wasted. Republicanism is not a pick up and put down notion, it is a political belief. Some people just lack any and accept what they are given, as you say Bruce, so British!

"we must remember that this child has no choice at all in it's future".........but the public has, but they just accept the status quo, without question. So British!

It is important to understand that the Royals do not run, regulate or request this global news frenzy that develops with events such as the this glorious event.
Those in the know are already predicting that this event will stimulate the UK economy. Nice when you consider they already generate over 2 Billion in income through tourism. The recently reduced financial figures show the Royal Household costs the UK public .57p per person per year. Less than a packet of Rizzla papers.

I am a “Royalist” but only when referring to the “A Team”. I find it difficult to defend those hangers on that do nothing for the UK. They also suffered from poor advice and a loss of direction in the past. This, I believe, is behind them now.

Some have referred to “another millionaire”, being produced. we must remember that this child has no choice at all in its future apropos William, Harry etc. most people can walk away or change their jobs or even dive into another country if their life doesn’t go the way they thought. Other than Simpson etc, could this ever occur again?, they are in it for life.

Take away the Royal Family and you end up with Joe Public selecting a head of state! Look at the classics that France has voted in. And then look over the pond!

Agree on the lalas out and also find the cartoon brilliant to hurting sides a bit.

Just wet meself laufin.

Cate - think Cantabrigensis and a complete twerp who chose arch and anth one year after one, when one was in the wrong college in one's own terms. Large ears, nothing between and has not improved...

PS - Have to agree, Andrew's comment was v funny!

Well I'm all for the royal baby, long live the King, you lot can stick with Hollande and his cronies:-) Or maybe we should have more depressing news to cheer you all up, miseries!