Beauty and real men

Noticed this on Facebook this morning.....

Real men d'ont love the most beautiful girl in the world. They love the girl who can make the world the

most beautiful.

What a difference that would make to the world.

The recipe is for the almond one.

I guesse food is beautiful

Interested to see you have a recipe for a cherry and almond pithiviers. I live near Pithiviers and there are two types. One is a bit like a galette de rois and the other is a flat almond sponge with icing and perhaps a glacé cherry as decoration. I have been given a recipe by a friend for this but have yet to make it.

Loganberries Jane.

So long since I have seen them

I won't, but I am also a Reiki Master,which helps when I have the aches and pains.

But do not forget the training exercises of collar tweaking fingers on good arm!

I will pass on your comments Brian.

Me too Jane, this broken shoulder will take a good year to recover. I weeded the straws, supervised my three women bedding it, their first time. We have similar, although I concentrate on rasps and blueberries, few goosegogs and rhubarb. Whatever he is doing, first sunny and really dry day frogmarch Jim to the strawberry patch to bed, improves your crop exponentially. If you can get organic slug/snail pellets, put under straw too, up shoots the yield without poisoning you!

Jim is busy tiling the kitchen. I have mentioned putting the straw under the strawberries, but he is too busy at the moment.

We have a small orchard of about twenty fruit trees and fruit bushes, plus raspberries, loganberries and blackberries. Also a vine and some hops.

Just before you say, why don't I put the straw down, I have a very weak arm as a result of surgery, and I am sure that you will now appreciate how limiting it can be!

I am chief weeder.

Jane, have you bedded your strawberries. To help ripen, put a double layer of straw under them which insulates against the cool of the soil and as long as they are green and still a little small don't worry, few days of sun will do them. I did 20 odd years of one bed in Cambridgeshire, do it there and you'll do it anywhere. Mind you, must plan a trip to Cambridge at the right time one year to buy some Cambridge Favourite straws which are the easiest I know to multiply using suckers.

We have three mature and one young cherry, along with plums the heavy rains earlier have depleted them, skimpy harvest this year. Not a single quince either I suspect. Too many sloes though, how much gine can one process? Must get a farmer wo come and slash and bulldoze out lots of them. Strange year this, mostly the late and extreme cold winter followed by that incredibly heavy rain - wonder how my apricots and apples are too. Nuts and figs are only just starting to get leaf. In my view real men love beautiful trees and wives, what more can one need?

I should have known better, I can manage a small bit of raw lemon in my smoked salmon pate, but maybe I am not so heavy handed.

We have our strawberries coming on, but we need some warmth to ripen them. Our cherry tree is too young to fruit, but our neighbour has four wonderful old ones and we are invited to help ourselves.

I just found a wonderful (Rick Stein) recipe for cherry and almond pithiviers, its in his French Odyssey book.

oohps pate with raw lemon juice.

I wonder why.

Personaly we feel that fish is happier natural...No lemons in siight

except for baked mackeral with honey and lemon and bay etc.

We have Canadians arriving this week to stay and to learn to cook a

little more. I hope that they will enjoy everything.

The cherries are begining...that is a nice thing to do for a while ..

family picking.

We went out ro supper with friends yesterday and I had some pate with raw lemon juice, and I hve paid the price this morning.

Thanks for immodium!

Sounds good Jane.

Super Barbara and Brian, I do buy my cornflour here in France.

The sun has just come out, but it is too windy to sit outside.

Home-made beefburgers for lunch, I put nutmeg in as well as red onion and parsley.

lunch on sun wth friends...

TEMPURA of prawns, chilli jam? stuffed musslels and some queen scallops with slivers of

ginger root...SAUTEED for 2 seconds in a very hot pan...TEENY amount of peanut oil.

Main roast belly of porK WITH VERY CRAKLY craklin, breasts of duck, ROSTI, puree of sweed and carrott.

Pointed cabbage and poss cauli au gratin...YES lots of vegies.

Pud...lemon tart

Just cooked the beef and kidney for a snake and pigmy pie tonight, lots of juices for a gravy. I put a dab of cornflour in too, but it is bought here (farine de mais). Cheddar and Stilton (best cheese in the universe) buy here no problem, plus crumpets, in fact have a choice of two market vendors. When we occasionally want to eat best of British I have no problem whatsoever getting eveything together.

On our trips to UK, we come back with Bisto, Cheddar, sherry and various goodies, which are either too difficult to find here or too expensive.

I do make daubes, stews, casseroles etc.

I think he must prefer the texture of something made with cornflour, but then I don't understand it myself.