Desperately need a new bed! Please don't tell me Ikea, am very fussy and want an ottoman type, 160cm and pocket sprung. What are the options for a good quality bed please, in the UK would be looking at Sealy, Harrisons, Dunlopilo and so on. Am absolutely horrified at prices in France but hoping to spend less than 1000 euros if possible but comfort is the most important factor.

Suggestions of where to buy appreciated as well, know about BUT and Conforama but wherelse please?

We bought a very comfortable bed from Furniture for France, owned and run by a British couple. We've a pocket sprung model with drawers in the divan base.


I bought my sons’ double beds and mattresses from Excellent quality and pillow top mattresses reasonably priced and they deliver to France and have promotions. Www. Made. Com. Good luck!

I spent part of Sunday trying out beds in Conforama, open for an ‘exceptionelle Dimanche’. They have some good offers right now. I was impressed with Relyon mattresses and beds, which as the salesman pointed out are ‘English beds for an Englishman’. As to prices, checking several UK sites, and allowing for exchange rates, the prices I looked at are not that much higher, when also allowing for cost of transportation. I'm leaning towards a Relyon bed with a four drawer divan.

I have also been in correspondence with British Beds-delivered-to-France, but found their prices a bit on the high side:

I bought two sumptuous single beds 90 x 190 from La Halle au Sommeil for just over €1,000. The mattresses are firm with enough give to ensure a truly comfortable night's sleep.

Heaps of us in 34 have bought through the Bed Guru in the north of England who supply excellent quality beds, including fabulous zip and link beds. They group orders together and send them down in a van, sharing costs, which are really reasonable. We all know Ray, the delivery guy now! Cheaper than buying in France! Here is the link on our directory site (noted as Béziers for ease of finding them in our region but they are in the UK)

Agree with Beverley... we have a life changing Kaymed mattress - 2nd best thing we ever bought, and I would buy it again and have it shipped to France...

but the best thing we ever bought was a mattress topper from the white company (who deliver to france, and have a sale now) it's like sleeping on clouds... with the added benefit you can have it cleaned

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Quite agree - beds are not an item where price is a priority. Quality first, second and third - always pays off. Simmons in France (akin to Vi-Spring in the UK) are top class for pocketed springing, otherwise Sealy are good for orthopedic beds. Buying online is not a bad idea to save money so long as you are sure exactly which model you want. As suggested, Spain is cheaper if you can manage the logistics.

We bought a very firm mattress which seemed OK at first but after a stay in a hotel in Paris in the most comfortable bed we've ever slept in we learned from the lovely folks there that they used a firm mattress with a topper from this source The topper was around €300 but is one of the best investments we have made.

Good Luck. we've had a water bed for nigh on 20 years. Perfect for bad backs, keep you warm in winter, cool in summer, easy to transport as the mattress folds into a bag.

FAQ's on their site will tell you about the pro's and con's.

A great investment. Not the reserve of the perv. Love my bed.


Yup, same problem here, the kids and their junk take up a lot of space. When we lived in Chamonix we were always nipping through the Mont Blanc tunnel (once it re-opened) to do our shopping as it was so much cheaper. I might add that I worked for the Compagnie du Mont Blanc and one of the perks was vastly reduced tunnels forfaits.

Absolutely, which is why I am not an Ikea person, we spend a third of our lives in bed yet most people spend more money on their three piece suite - because the neighbours will see that....

Thanks Romauld, interesting link. First place in France I have seen 'traditional' British beds advertised, formerly known as, boarded base, firm edge or sprung edge bases as opposed to the lattes you find here. Should add that my parents owned a bed shop in the UK in the '80s which is why I am so picky about my bed.

Cheers Peter, we are big fans of BUT but haven't been able to find anything. However, changed key words and found where I was going wrong- had been looking for 'lit coffet' but should have used 'sommier coffret' instead! Amazing, you think you have got to grips with French and then realise you still haven't got a clue!

Thanks Valerie, never thought about them for furniture.

I have a nervous mattress - it's highly sprung..

(back to my day job - cracker joke-writing !)

Don't worry folks, he'll bounce back after he has a had a lie down...

The best time to buy a mattress is in The Spring...

How close are you to Spain? Prices are decent there and whilst looking for a new bed, not Ottoman style, but orthopaedic mattress type for me, we have spotted some decent ones. Come the spring we are going to drive down, buy and with the trip, other shopping and perhaps an overnight stay for the four of us will still probably be a couple of hundred in pocket!

Actually, having written that I remembered where you are. Try Italy. We also looked at Italy and thought that on a trip to Ticino we could buy there where beds are far cheaper than here. Trouble is carrying it when we would normally have a couple of weeks worth of luggage, a dog and no chance...