Being called Survive France

I was chatting to a neighbour about one of the forum topics. I was going to point them to the thread, but decided not to because I didn't want them to get the false impression that France needs surviving.

How about Profiting (il faut profiter), or SuperFrance or something positive?

Good morning to you too Steve!

What exactly are you referring to?

Well said Catharine - here's a positive - it's stopped raining on the Isle of Man!!!!!

Cut the insults eh?

My sentiments entirely. As I said earlier in this LENGTHY topic, why fix it if it ain't broke! Love France, love Britain and life in both can be frustrating at times and we all occasionally need advice, support and sympathy wherever we are! SFN is a good choice for a name, it's concise and very apt. The whingers will get used to it.

I think that SFN is spot on! I could say that I have 'survived' motherhood - suggesting that it has been the most challenging but rewarding experience of my life - should my children dis-own me for such a revelation?!! Surely, the inference can be a positive one, the fact that most of us have to work at making a success of life here. It is in no way an insult to the French - but anyone that lives 'as a guest' in another country will have to overcome difficulties at some point (or does it just happen to us??) - and so that's where the 'surviving' bit comes in!!

Nicely put Zoe....think that sums it up in a nutshell....

Nicely put Zoe, I like that a lot :)

[it is about "tips and tricks".. advice people share, and a place where people can convene for online apero in the evening.]

French neighbours, French partners, and French friends in general who know I, for one, "dabble" on a site called "survive" anything are not one bit put out. Nobody is asking you to put it on a plackard on your front lawn, either, and if ever anyone does question the name, you can tell them, Steve, that it is about "tips and tricks".. advice people share, and a place where people can convene for online apero in the evening.
Your unease is with the site name, stop projecting it on to your neighbours, when you have no idea whether they would have distaste for it or not. Try seeing "survive" as getting over the initial poppycock of moving house, and culture difference, and then learning to THRIVE in a situation. Most of the people I find on here are blossoming in France, and only too delighted to refer to it as "survival"

Excellent! Thanks Finn. This is a perfect example of why you need to stay on SFN!! You always have an answer that helps ;) :) :)

Ha ha thanks Emily. I'm just going to turn up tomorrow afternoon with all the docs and see if it goes through ;)

Like :)


The auto entrepeneur tax changes

Are you really offended as per Phil just above? That was never the intention.

And no Phil, I don't know, for sure how the neighbours would take it, their English is pretty good, but the dictionary definition is pretty straightforward and ironic undertones is asking a bit much from their understanding It wouldn't be the end of the world, but it would just give a little hint of a ghetto mentality and I won't risk it.

Tell you what Catharine, to put an end to it - I'll bet you a nice meal somwhere that you'll have changed it by end 2015. Deal?

graphic required?

Good, I'll send you a sticker to attach to your screen ;)

Sur-vive-la-France does it for me

I find Lourdes a deeply depressing place.

I like the name. I am mostly absent from conversations. However, I am still paying attention and assimilating a sense of living in France. As it turns out, it will be part time due to responsibilities. Anyway, What I wanted in my initial search was pragmatism and a sense of the everyday. "Survive France", delivered as promised, reflecting its name. Even more, SFN has given me humor, empathy, and very human interchanges. I see it being almost like a family, sometimes bickering, then making up, and going on, surviving...One should not ever feel shy about sharing the package, rather enjoy the contents and share the conversation when the topic might be of interest. If someone has a negative reaction, then articulate or move on, Susan.

Steve, you seem to be worried about offending your French neighbours, but have no qualms in apparently offending the Higginsons on their choice of site name.

Do you know for a fact what your French neighbours feel, or just second guessing?