Best insurers in France

Hi, My sisters and I have just taken over the running of a house in Gard for our mother. We need to check that the insurance is the best price. Anyone got a good deal they could share? I’m assuming it’s similar to UK, so Building and Contents? Thanks

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I’ve just redesignated your request into “Insurance Services”

That category covers all aspects of Insurance and you will find lots of informative stuff…

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Hi Miranda, if you don’t mind working on the phone or over email then I’d be happy to help :wink: You may also find some local agent that are English speaking but I don’t know of any so can’t advise on the local offering.

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Impressed or what?
Using @fabien to change our car insurance saving us a significant annual sum but the really impressive bit is the sign-off.
Reams of documents as you might expect but instead of endlessly signing copies and returning them by snail mail, a simple click is all it took to verify our intentions.
Streets ahead of the game and very neat and tidy.
Thanks Fabien!


Glad to be at your service Graham :wink:

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Thanks so much James, we’re going to get in touch.
Apologies for very late response, it’s been a busy few months!

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I find “good” insurance is only tested when a claim goes in, up to that point they are always all smiles.

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Can’t agree more John… although customer service is also useful prior to filing claims as I suppose you don’t like to wait for a couple weeks to get an answer to a question for example but we could also consider the ‘sales agent’ side of the agent/broker as it’s easy to advise for the most expensive policy but is it that easy to find the right price/cover balance? In the end, the goal is to be covered as expected in case of a claim but all these things are to be considered as part of the package too I think :wink: