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Insurance brokerage services from Fabien, get in touch today for a quote

We all know the old adage that nothing in life is certain apart from death and taxes but I’d like to add another. Insurance companies will always do their utmost to avoid paying out. Which is why having a broker who really knows his stuff, and puts the client first, can make all the difference in the world. And it’s obviously much simpler if that person speaks fluent English so that they can explain all the policy benefits and exclusions to you in detail. Enter Fabien!

Those of you who have already had dealings with @fabien will be able to join me in vouching for his excellent customer service and attention to detail. In the last 12 months, we personally have taken out house, life and medical top up insurance policies through him and he has saved us a small fortune. We also have much better cover than previously.

So what can he help you with?

For starters, nearly all of us need top up health insurance. Fabien found us an excellent policy with extensive cover and I have just received a statement which shows that we actually received more in refunds than we paid out in premiums. You may think you can get away without a ‘mutuelle’ but believe me, you only need a couple of big dental bills, never mind anything more serious, and you will realise just how important this is.

The other thing we all need to think about is life insurance. Whether you need an investment type policy, a policy that will pay out in the event of your death or one that will provide cover in case of incapacity, Fabien can help. For anyone who is self-employed, I can’t stress how vital this is. If you are unable to work for any extended period of time, state benefits are negligible and a private insurance policy is essential.

The self-employed (whether AE or running gites etc.) also need public liability insurance and this is mandatory in some professions. Again, Fabien can tell you what you need and find you the best possible deal for your particular circumstances. Those of you working in the construction sector are also legally obliged to have a ‘10 year warranty’ insurance policy - failure to comply carries a 75K fine!

Nearly all of us need car insurance. Fabien can provide this as well as cover for motorbikes, cats, dogs and horses. He also has a selection of very affordable travel insurance policies which provide extensive cover should you be travelling outside France. And if you have a mortgage on your French property, Fabien can evaluate the insurance policy and quite possibly get you a cheaper deal.

When choosing insurance policies it is essential to get sensible, professional, impartial advice. As an independent broker Fabien provides all this and more. So don’t delay, call Fabien today!

For ‘Mutuelle’ information, go here

As soon as Fabien was introduced to us on Survivre France, I decided to contact him, not because I could deal with him in English as I am French and perfectly bilingual, but for my wife who is English and not yet comfortable with her French, just in case something happens to me, she will have someone she can deal with.

With Fabien we had extensive email exchanges, he studied my existing policies (Auto and Mutuelle) and as we still had some time before renewals, he came up with better coverages at lower premiums. I know that whenever I have a question, I can contact him either by phone or email and I have an immediate response (which was sometimes impossible with my previous “VERY reputable” insurers.

So yes, I can easily recommend Fabien (and his team of course) for any needs that anyone may have.



Thanks for your support John, it’s always a pleasure. Have a great day (or evening depending on the time you are reading that ;)).

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Fabien would have to be the most helpful person I have come across so far.
He is so selfless and bends over backwards to help you in regards to Insurance
issues. He is truly unbelievable.
Have been with AXA - where no one speaks English - and have had a bad experience
as I did not fully understand the policy clauses and the interpretation of the various policy
clauses was really bad.
So now am changing over to “Generalli Insurance” with Fabien explaining what each
clause means - and with Fabien as my broker at the helm any future claims would be
easily resolved.
Peter Huber - Sillans la Cascade


I was also introduced to Fabien via this site. I can only agree wholeheartedly with all of the above comments. He is extremely knowledgeable, helpful, trustworthy and sincere. I cannot endorse him enough to any readers of this site.


Please permit me to add my own endorsement of Fabien and his services. He has become more of a personal friend than merely a good insurance broker. Both my wife and I have even had the privilege of meeting him and his wife, in person. I can assure everyone that he is every bit as personable in real life as he is over the telephone. His wife is also a most charming young woman.

Highly recommended.


Many thanks for that kind comment Peter, hope your current claim with AXA will be resolved soon. Keep me posted, cheers,

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Thanks Austyn, and the relation works both ways as you told me I wasn’t aware of, like that english smoked bacon you are making / smoking from your home, hope I’ll taste that some day :wink:

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Many thanks Brian, you were lovely guests and we had a really good breakfast together. I can tell for sure that my wife was really delighted to meet her first Scottish people that she can understand the accent (most of it) :wink: Looking forward to hearing from you, if you have British lullabies or nursery rhymes I’ll take them to teach english to the new baby (or even bed stories)!


Yes totally agree Fabien has helped us a lot with our car insurance (now French registered) and our mutuelle sante top up insurance !! Great help and recommended !!



Fabien, top man😃 Recommend using his services. Had a nice surprise today, thanks Fabien


Many thanks to Fabien for sorting our home insurance, complete with all the difficulties! Needing cover in a hurry when we were signing for our home, he was efficient, trustworthy and extremely pleasant to deal with. Nothing was too much trouble and I have no hesitation in recommending him. I will be needing his services soon again, so prepare yourself Fabien!


Thank you very much for that support Daisy, much appreciated (I may even be blushing a bit :stuck_out_tongue: ). I’m bracing myself for your future inquiries then :wink:

I fully recommend Fabien’s services. He helped me find a new (cheaper) mutuel. His customer service is excellent.
Thank you Fabien


Thanks for your lovely feedback Jodi. Hope you are doing well despite the heat wave(s)? :wink:

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Fully endorse all the comments about how helpful Fabien has been. He has just arranged mutuelle cover for us and we are so pleased at the level of commitment he showed to achieve an excellent result.

Wholly recommended!


Thanks Graham, your satisfaction is my greatest reward… don’t hesitate to get back to me shall you have any question (even if they are not directly connected to the policy I’m happy to be helpful ;))

Following the recommendations and feedback on this page I contacted Fabien by email at the last minute, just prior to the August holidays when I learned that we were to complete on our house purchase in Perpignan early and with less than a weeks notice. Not only did he reply first thing the following morning but he went on to arrange the building and contents insurance over the next couple of days and had it in place in time for the signing of the acte de vente. Of his own accord he was in contact with me into the evening to fine tune and give advice on the policy. I would go on to recommend his very professional, personal and friendly services to anybody and he will be my first port of call for renewal and when I get around to buying a vehicle.


Thanks Nick, your feedback is much appreciated. It always feels good to receive a positive comment so that’s my greatest reward!