Fantastic service!

(Lisa Handshaw) #1

How refreshing to receive such excellent customer service . @fabien certainly went the extra mile to help me with a complex query offering sound advice . I really appreciated his help having contacted other insurance providers who either did not reply or did not have a clue what I was talking about . Thanks Fabien!

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(Fabien Pelissier) #2

Thanks Lisa, anytime if you need further assistance :wink:

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(Tiana Billon) #3

Yep Fabien is fantastic, as you say he really goes the extra miles (and more!). Been recommending him to English and French people around me and on English mum’s in France facebook page as well of fb pages of my area as he desserves it! :wink: Super boulot Fabien merci :slight_smile:

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(austyn Hallworth) #4

Superb service from this consumate professional- highly recommended and without question

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