Best (or just OK) French car insurance company


I have read through all the threads that talk about insuring a UK plate car.

I am in the process of “immatriculation” with the ANTS. It has been a a psychological war experience, as happens with doing anything with the administration here.

I add that I am French but have recently returned to France after many years in the UK.

Yes I do want to keep my UK car, I have been asked many times why, sigh…: I changed cars 3 times in 2 years, got scammed the 2nd time by a professional crook (sold me the car, car broke down after 15 minutes of driving, standard agency could not do anything, anyhow it is the past), got a great Dacia Duster Essential last year, it is only 1.5 years old, am keeping it, especially with the COVID madness, am not returning to the UK to sell a car…

So the French registration is coming close to being finalised but my UK insurance for traveling abroad will expire soon and obviously I am looking for a French insurance but here new problems start.

It seems insurance companies do not want customers.

I drove 3 h to and back from the Matmut office nearest to me and the girl started to talk to me rudely and point at my certificate of conformity shouting “what does “licence” means PLEASE!” and for me to find how many “chevaux” it had, I had no idea so proceeded to look it up on my phone and she got impatient and phoned her boss and explained she had "a woman who traveled a lot and had many papers and…then said “yes yes ok” and told me to come back with all the certificates of insurance from all the insurers I had…since I started driving the first day in my life! Obviously to get rid of me.

so I called other companies and they “only” require the last 3 years.

But hey, since Friday morning, not one “has the time” to do anything!

One insurance manager even told me “ah I am very busy, are you already a customer here? no you aren’t, well I don’t have time creating a “dossier” for you today!”

On Friday in the city nearest to me, 4 insurance companies had closed their shops all day!

Today most I try are closed.

Unbelievable, it is like I am asking for a loan from the Soviet Bank of Moscow.

So my question is:

which company would you recommend? But then I am aware that they are “independent” so your insurance company’s customer service quality is just for the office that you go to and not the company brand nationally…

Thank you for reading me.

I am in department 65 but planning to move to 31 end November…

You might want to try Fabien who contributes to this forum.
Just click on Affiliates in the black banner at the top of the page


@fabien is your next point of call for free, well explained and independent advice.
There is little or no point in asking for views from the SF community because everyone may well have their own favourites (and a significant number will favour fabien anyway) and you will become even more confused.
If you are having problems with getting your car immatriculated into the French system, a local garagiste is your best bet. They have access to the system and they understand it - it might cost a small amount but it will be worth it in the long run. You’ll probably want to entrust your servicing/maintenance to a local garage anyway and to create your new plates :thinking:


I have just insured my newly French registered UK car .
My ANTS experience was fairly smooth (My delay was the Quitus Fiscal document processed by the local tax office).
I was recommended an AXA agent in Marthon (English speaking with a French assistant), they did everything via email for me.

David Atkins -

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I for one have never had any problems insuring either French or English cars whether RHD or LHD. I have used Gan, MMA and for the past twelve years insure with the local AXA agency. They have always been very helpful, insure promptly and will hold me on cover when requested.

I further recommendation to speak to @fabien - he has always been so useful for us - and he even tolerates my daft questions.


You can also do a quick simulation here

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And as an aside for the ‘old lags’ on here - it’s probably a good idea to post the link to @fabien ‘s whizzy new site for any newbies as well as recommending his services. I know that he is REALLY busy prior to Brexit with everyone trying to sort out health cover and we wouldn’t want him to get overwhelmed would we?!! Thank you!

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Ah ah, thanks @cat… Brexit is really pushing us to the limit as we have literally 3 times more inquiries since July. We are copping up with this but can definitely feel the “rush” of Brexiters wanting the leave the UK before THE date. But we’re ready and I’ll only take my next holidays in December so let’s make sure everyone can move over here safetely (and in compliance with the requirements of the French system which isn’t a small feat :joy:)


Call Fabian - he sorted out our car insurances. Brilliant service and very helpful.
Two cars from the UK - one is just now (after nearly 1 year) getting a carte grise.
Don’t despair - it can be done without causing grey hair!

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Thank you all.

I contacted him, finally, after initially writing my whole life to the 1st link someone posted but it appeared as a public post!! I panicked a bit and deleted it then could not log in from my phone to thank you guys as from my phone emails I am being asked for my new password which, well, needs time to find.

Hopefully I can find a car insurer, from the start of October: no more car insurance!

My only resort then - as it won’t matter whether I buy a new French car or not as it is my documents and insurance history (apparently living in 2 countries in the past 3 years is a big problem for French insurers, nothing to do with claims, just not having one foreign insurer for the last 20 years is a big problem!) is… buy an electric car that does not need any licence and I believe, specific car insurance (just a personal insurance)! That will be me with a big dog, a small dog, a cat and suitcases having to fit inside a fridge on wheels…

Hi Bettina,

how did you manage to get insured for the UK cars during one year if I can ask? you can message me if you prefer…

Sorry Fabien - I think you might be at risk of accidentally upsetting people if you refer to those trying to move & settle in France before the end of the year as “Brexiters”.

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Fabien pas de problemes.

ah ah… lost in translations definitely, thanks for correcting that perspective. I meant people leaving the UK because of Brexit of course :wink:

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we kept our UK insurance for the ‘easy’ to register car for as long as it was on UK plates, then - after about 3 months - switched over to French insurance.
The ‘not so easy car’ was on UK insurance until that contract ran out, with knowledge of the insurance company. Then switched over to french insurance. Now almost finalized the DREAL process and waiting for carte grise to be issued.
Fabian helped immensely getting the insurances sorted.
Mark Rimmer - on FB page (registering Vehicles in France) helped with the Carte Grise.
Good luck

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Thanks a lot. My UK insurance is anyway expiring in two weeks so fingers crossed Fabien can find me an insurance.

Over the years I have had various insurers but I am personally convinced that Pacifica by Credit Agricole is the best. In February I bought (sight unseen!) a Peugeot 3008 from a garage in England. I didn’t care that it was right hand drive; I got a much more recent car, a lot fewer kilometres and a much higher spec at a cost of around 6 or 7 thousand euros less than the equivalent in France. Credit Agricole insured it with no hassle, just a phone call, from the moment I picked it up until the Carte Grise arrived and I got my proper contract. make sure you talk to somebody who “knows”. I was at first told I would need a Cetificat d’Immatriculation Provisoire, but, of course, that was nonsense. Good luck!

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I imported a Morgan 1992 model so built before Certificates of Conformity. Agence Arradon arranged insurance on the understanding that i STARTED the French registration process within 2 months. it took eight months but it was not a problem.