Best weather forecast site?

Yes, ours is looking glorious right now!

Top right hand side of screen is a box with a country code in it. If you click on it, it will allow you to change it to France (and also change to centigrade!)

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Ours too unfortunately…one greengage and one plum. Frosts at just the wrong time last year as well :frowning:

Thanks for the tip. That box doesn’t appear on the mobile site on my phone, but it does appear if you select ‘desktop’. It seems to offer a limited range of destinations compared to météo-France, Accuweather etc…

Once I’d changed the basic country to France, I got a massive range of placenames - perhaps that’s only on the desktop version though :thinking:

I use It seems very accurate. The only time it’s been wrong was recently when the clouds full of Saharan sand passed over us.
I’m trying to learn Spanish and I like You can enter places in France.

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That’s interesting Fleur - thank you! Unfortunately, when I put my local town in wunderground, it says it’s there, gives me the right postcode and everything, then displays a town with the same name at the other end of France! Still, I can use another less ambiguous town :S

This also works :wink:


And is always 100% accurate!

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I find AccuWeather much more accurate that the standard Apple/Yahoo weather in SE 47.

Love it, Lily! Thank you :smiley:

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Accuweather gets my vote too

Thanks for the affirmation of Accuweather, @NotALot and @Mark_Robbins . It’s useful to know whichones work out to be most accurate for people. I am now comparing all the suggestions to see how they perform today :smiley:

Ooops! In fact, after working nicely for several days, wunderground sometimes decides to choose a weather station somewhere else - a big city 100km away usually! You can move it back. Maybe it chooses weather stations depending on the frequency of reporting and/or reliability.

Windy app ? (Android/iOS)

Both wundergound and accuweather seem to pull info from weather stations quite a way from me (one from Geneva and the other for Dijon). Thus don’t seem that accurate. So it may depend on whether their information source is sufficiently local to you…

I don’t find AccuWeather at all accurate for where we live!

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Glad it’ not just me…

Accuweather doesn’t work that well for me either but I’m pleased to have an explanation as to why! That Norwegian one seems best for my location so far but I’m still comparing :smiley:

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I also recommend Windy. This is what a lot of sailors use and seems to be accurate.