Best weather forecast site? was really reliable here till about 2 years ago. I am not sure if the French lost a satellite or something but since then multiple occasions of 25 degrees in sunshine instead of cold and rainy 12 degrees as they said. Or a couple of times actually in the middle of a violent storm whilst constant sunshine for 3 days goes on. Checking their website live with this going on.

It’s also hugely weighed down by ads now and defo less informational on mobile than desktop since the ads came. TBH I’m more accurate than they are just sticking my head out the door in the morning now. So disappointing as they used to be accurate to within half an hour.

I’ll go through this thread and try out the ones you are all mentioning - thanks to all.

That is exactly my experience, Karen. Far less information on it and what there is is wildly off!

+1 tried all mentioned so far and the Norwegian one is head and shoulders above the rest. Not such a fancy interface just hour by hour, exactly thw weather you’re gonna get. They’ve named a weather station they’re using about 12 miles from me as the crow flies - the others that declare are using stations much further away in completely different types of region (such as high mountain 70km away).

Every suggestion everyone’s made has been better than though…Glad it’s not just me that’s been wondering what’s happened to accuracy.

Which app is


That certainly matches my experience so far, Karen and nmo,it’s not just you at all :smiley:

@spj suggested it Brian, further up the thread - it’s this one…


Thanks, Angela!

It will be interesting to see which of the four apps I have on my phone is accurate tonight, the forecast from the four are 2C, 0C, -2C and -5C, no difference :face_with_raised_eyebrow::laughing:

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Do tell us which was which, tomorrow !

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At 10pm they all change their forecast, Frog weather (Google) and Norwegian ended up getting it right, windy was -3C but AccuWeather and metro ended up forecasting -6C and it reached -2C, hope my cherry trees are ok. got it right for us…as did the Norwegian one. Don’t know what Frog weather is…unless just a slightly pejorative joke?

For me, frog weather is a clear spring night with a full moon.

It seems to drive the frogs in the pond 100m from the house into a frenzy of croaking. And probably other things too…


Not much use here in Bourgogne.
We use La Meteo Agricole.
Jim says he has found it has a more realistic forecast than others, which tend to be too pessimistic.

Google (Frog) weather, cute little accurate app.

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Look at all three, compare and combine

Around 27th March here although was early this year. The night when the frog traps come out and the frog rustlers rustle.