Bilingual Legal Assistance

I know there are several bilingual legal professionals who are members of the SFN network already, but if you can personally recommend anyone, please post their contact details here. Thanks!

Recommending Guillaume, again;

With the help of Guillaime Barlet, (resident SFN French lawyer, Juriste Spécialisé Droit Immobilier et Gestion de Patrimoine, practicing in the UK) Im thankfully, in the process of finalizing ownership of some land adjacent to my house.

This has been much more than a simple question of ownership, I found the situation very stressful and completely unmanageable until I asked for Guillaume's help. There was obviously some disagreement concerning who might own the land and it was impossible for me to take part in any in depth discussions about that, even though my French works very well for most situations. There were conflicting interests and with a rather sad history, the small piece of land meant more to different people than I could understand. I was so relieved to have competent, helpful and clear information, for a reasonable fee, from someone who speaks English as well as he speaks French.

Thank you SFN and thank you Guillaume.

Dear Harriet,

I have replied to the email you sent following this comment. Please let me know if you have not received it.

Dear Celeste,

You are right to raise the question of the applicable law to your inheritance situation as a French will may not be the right way forward either because the French laws of inheritance do not apply to you or because the effects of the will would not match your wishes.

I am happy to make a free first assessment of your situation. My contact details are in my profile (email:

I hope this helps.

Sorry - being lazy - here is the lady from Narbonne - it would be nice if you could mention you found her via the WoW site -

Cecile Sainte - Cluque is an excellent Notaire with fine English.

Jacques Le Boursicot - Didier Vidal
Notaires associes
11 et 13 bd Gambetta
11103 Narbonne

Tel 04 68 90 20 00 - e mail

Dear Guillaume -- I'm interested in what you say here about handwritten wills. Do they have to be written to an exact formula? Mine would be extremely simple so I'd be very happy if I could do it myself and get it registered for 30 euros. Thanks. Harriet

If you want you could have an advert on the site - give it a thought - meanwhile there is you and another on the forum. I know a few who want to get a French will organised


Thanks very much - there has been chat on the WoW forum -
I have Guillaumes email address on the site now. Great service - thanks!

Dear Pascale,

I am indeed a French lawyer (Juriste Spécialisé Droit Immobilier et Gestion de Patrimoine) practicing in the UK.

You can contact me directly by email on the following address:



Pascale or Guillaume - if you can be bothered - there is a lot of “chat” on the WoW forum - paste in your address so people can find you - there is a market. - go to the forum page
Robin of WoW

Hi Pascale
Guillaume will be able to give you details of his exact qualifications himself but yes he is, so do send him a message - he is French by the way. Cx

Thanks very much - most helpful - I have added what you said on the WoW website -

Dear Pascale,

Since 19th February 2011, the set tariffs for notaires’ fees has increased (I will mention this in a new thread) and the will you mention at €130.96 is now costing €139.96.

Kind regards,


Dear Robin,

There are different types of wills in France. The most common is the handwritten will which can be written in English and registered with a notaire for about €30 (and sent to a Will Registry). Another type, which is written by the notaire and witnessed by two persons costs a little under €140. The above fees only include the registration fees excluding any costs for advice.

If you require some help in that respect, I would be glad to be of assistance.

Kind regards,


I would like to know of a lawyer around Herault as we need a new will

Hi @Guillaume_Barlet-Bat please may you help me? my father passed away recently. He was from the UK but lived in France with his second wife for a very long time. I have not seen his will but she says that he left everything to her and her family. I find this difficult to believe and would like to see a copy of his will. I have tried the adsn but the report came back blank and I have emailed his noraty many times (the town hall mairie gave me the name of the notary who is on his death certificate) but they are not replying. Is there anything else I can do? I would like to see his will for two reasons- one to check that what she is saying is accurate and two to see whether it is governed by english or french law, as I believe that if it is governed by french law then their inheritance succession law automatically passes a portion of the estate to his children. Does anyone have experience in this area? Lastly, I have just found out that she is already selling the property they lived in, which was in his name. Does this suggest that his estate has been settled since she is free to sell the home? Any help or advice would be very much appreciated! Thank you!

Hello… I am trying to email Guillaume, but both email addresses above get back bounced. Could you please, update your address if you are still working in the field?

You can message @Guillaume_Barlet-Bat directly on here :slight_smile: