Bipolar, I'm in two minds myself

I'll start with a Wiki insight

I have been in two minds as to whether to start this discussion, at this time of year, or at all really.

Has the topic been mentioned before? is it taboo? not for General discussion?

I have been a sufferer all my life since the times it wasn't mentioned at all, the period when it was a bit hush hush, when it became manic depression, now it seems to be a fashion statement, with everyone from Kerry Katona to mega bright Stephen Fry, all 'coming out'. Even Ms Zeta Jones is checking herself in an out of the clinic.

Perhaps I shouldn't make light of the topic, which is an emotive, and extremely disruptive disorder, but being open about my condition, and seeing the 'funny side' is a crucial part of my personal coping method.

I don't have the stats to hand, but I do remember reading that some 30% of the populous will suffer some sort of mental problem their lives. So statistically, out of all the different variants, in this community there will be many who are sufferers or friends and family, who have to cope with this and other nervous conditions.

I've not done any specific research, feel I am my own resource, having been hospitalised, arrested beaten up, thrown into a padded cell, abused by police and been very, very scared.

I've been on Lithium, have avoided ECT ( which is still practised to this day ) been suicidal, and Manic. I have been in some institutions, under lock and key, threatened with with fact that I would never leave, Sectioned, cranked with so many meds that I couldn't speak, and I've got to meet dear people who have been 'inside' for 60 odd years for stealing a loaf of bread, never to see the light of day.

I personally do not, want any sympathy, I know how to cope, I take a mood control medication daily, Depakote, which whilst it has possibly led to obesity and diabetes, and isn't the best thing for the liver, works well for me. My wife constantly checks my status, and I avoid counselling and psychiatry at all costs.

If I need anti depressants I visit my GP.

Personally, I am not afraid to discuss the issue, there are many sufferers, and seemingly the break down frequency increases over time. I have had 2, in the last 7 years.

Comments please.

No no Linda you have not mis-posted at all.

To reconfirm. I did start the thread, and yes it is still running. Although, as thread starter some of the questions are still directed at myself. I had pre-warned that as at January had to bow out, as I am starting a business, which would detract from the attention to detail etc. required.

I was asked to set up, by certain people engaged in this this to set up a Group which I have done, but again with the caveat that I cannot, myself remain available, very long.

So, selfishly I am trying to re-direct the 'content towards the group, not trying to mess you about , honest.

Your query is exactly the type that in the fullness on time will ad balance. And I will be happy to discuss it in the group.

Sorry and thank you


Hi Ron,

I thought I was replying under the B-Polar topic! As I said in my post I had read the Bi-Polar discussion and then clicked on 'comment' and replied.

So... why it ended up at this point is a mystery to me - but no probs I'll copy and paste.

Let me know if it goes into the wrong discussion again! However I've just scrolled up the page again and it appears from what I've just read that I am in the B-Polar discussion.

I am confused! (quite appropriate I guess!)

Here goes...

Bi Polar Group

Message to all threadsters.

I personally believe the time is right to re-postition the content of this thread into the newly established Group


( see link )

The interaction in this thread to date, has frankly astounded me.

So thank you, indeed, to all who have taken part, and shown an interest. The new group will be hopefully a haven for all sufferers, their friends, families and indeed those to whom the condition is unknown, but are interested in finding out more.

See you on the other side.

Ron Birks

for and on behalf of founder Members

Hi Linda,

Thank you for showing an interest in this topic. I'm not sure if it's clear but due to several requests, we have started a Group 'Bi-Polar' would you kindly consider re-posting your question there? ie just copy and paste.

The group is very new, and we would like to build an informative and balanced Membership, please join,

ITS FREE! I will pick up the query at that end. Hope that's OK?



I've just read down the postings/discussion since you started the topic. I don't know what to say because I don't truly understand what Bi-polar is and how it manifests itself, although I've got an idea now I guess from reading the discussion postings.

I know there are 'shades' of all types of mental illness and I am fully conversant with depression and the effects on self, loved ones, 'friends' and strangers. I know people with different types of conditions and what is alarming is the actual number of people and the fact that many of them are ex-pats. I don't know which is more prevalent, mental illness or cancer amongst those who I have met over here over the years. But before you all say that I move in the wrong circles - I don't. I know many sane, well adjusted people but under the surface there is often a story that talks about depression or worse. (There are several topics of conversation around that paragraph!)

So I have an insight into the manifestation and the effects but what causes the Bi-polar condition?

I'll check it out Dave, you not tired?

Nice to have a three year Run, Dave. Had two episodes, since we've been here, 7 years. Not bad I suppose, going up's a doodle, 2 months in hospital's OK, but then cardboard for 18 months, I can't be doing with that.

Are you employed, may I ask Dave? it hot and sticky Brian?

You have a way with words... I'd call it the f---ing jungle and be done with it though. Told the wife, she's sewing my parachute after the last crash landing... I'll pop in and out of the group now and then TRY to stick my brain in a book (Noddy, something intellectual like that...)

Hi Dave,

I knew Dick Gaughan quite well, went out with his sis Margaret for a while. That's great Scots music.

I did Cambridge, or they did me, I completed two theses in my time on street children and children's citizenship. So I am one of those Dr people, but never made and never will Prof. I am too diffuse a personality, if you get my meaning. I am on the slide into a mania since early today, I am ducking out of this thread now for work (I'll do it somehow, I always bl**dy do) but I'll be in the group once I have landed and picked myself back up. I'll pop in now and say hello, then go off on my trip. See you later (couple of weeks I reckon).

No Pressure Dave,

it's your call, but The Polar Bears now have three members, one more and we're on for Darts Doubles


I'm not sure but I believe Brian is in, or on his way to a foreign climes.

I'm listening tho' Amy MacDonald...Yey

Rest up David, toughest job out there, in my view.

Have a good and healthy 2012


cheers dude

Thanks my friend - I have only one thing and word in my mind, four letters beginning with s and ending with t but thank povidence for my family (unless my OH has one at the same time - then sympathy for the small ones). No time for R and R, but I'll try to enjoy the flight and plan something for the landing (double s-word). Be around again soonish, take it easy you too.


Hello Brian,

You are the very best. You only seem to think of others, as you drag yourself through mother Earth's Claggy Slime.

Be it the Polar Bears, or simple fatigue, Bri, everyone needs and deserves a rest. Ease up a while buddy get some natch Lithium in them batteries. You know what they say, if you want something doing, go to the busiest Man in town.

Trouble is you can't say no!

Ha Ha I've cracked a few lead Ballooners myself today. Your Herculean fortitude, is as bright as yer pink pully. Take some R and R , a little Bri-Time.

Happy new year to you Guru. and to your family, who must love you to bits.


Given a bit of time to get (dis)organised with a tight schedule for our tender by end of this week and other urgents, I will eventually chip in.

For some reason, Ron I do not need to explain really - do I?, I am on one of those flat bits that means I am taxying on to the runway... Bug**r the timing. For months nada, then this morning got up fine-ish then it crept up from behind... So, perhaps a bit of a delay for the obvious as well.

Can't even make funnies right now, except my selfish bit is saying perhaps it ought to be Bi Polarunbearables. Not funny, eh. I'm now well and truly out of this thread but see you when I disembark.

Hi All, I have just, been volunteered to ( thank you ) set up the Group 'Bi Polar'

It is awaiting approval from Admin. The idea, if I may point out did emante from Catharine, in response to some concerns that the poignancy of the thread of a similar name, was veering a little off topic, at least for those, where it seems, to have become an outlet.

True or not, the Group idea is, in my view, a sound one.

For now, I have issued a request granting status, and have checked the box saying 'open to all'

There is a facility whereby this can be kept 'private', or for group Members only, but I gather that can be changed at any time.

Those who have been actively engaged in the discussions to date, are all detailed on the thread. I need mention no names.

I must stress however, that I set this up at the behest of some, whom I gather are looking for a permanent 'home' , community, info suport facility or what ever. Even though I understand the 'thread' offers the same.

Please note, I have, in principal bowed out of the thread in question, and can only help, in starting this group, with the assistance of others.

I am not shying away from responsibility, merely stating that I will no longer have the time to be engaged. I will have to ( assuming approval is granted ) relinquish 'ownership' (?) as soon as we are underway.

I do hope that all will help in getting this Group established, and a healthy balance of people, and input would be wished for.

Ron Birks

I'll set it up now David, 'Bi Polar' is as good a title as any, says what it means on the tin!

I can't remember if one needs approval, if we are wrong we can always start again, leave it to me.