Birth Certificate Translations for RSI

Hello all,

My husband and I each registered as AEs last year and have been added to the health system, but haven't yet received our Cartes Vitales, because we haven't yet submitted the docs they've requested. We'd be very grateful for advice or references on the following.

1. Can anyone explain the difference between «légalisés» and «apostillés» in the following sentence:

«Conformément au droit international et sauf convention contraire, les actes de l'état civil étrangers et leurs extraits ou copies officiels doivent être légalisés ou, le cas échéant, apostillés pour être recevables en France."

2. Also, does that sentence apply to the original documents or to their translations, and only to the birth certifictes, or also to the passports?

3. Has anyone gone through the process of obtaining, translating, legalising/apostilling and submitting birth certificates to RSI who could walk us through the processes and pitfalls?

If you happen to be of a.) South African and/or b.) Israeli origin, all the better! :) We are British citizens, but our birth docs are from these countries.

4. In particular, does anyone know of court-approved translators somewhere in the Pau-Tarbes-Toulouse triangle who can translate from English to French AND from Hebrew to French? We live in Maubourguet and, so far, we've been referred only to Paris for the Hebrew, which would mean that just getting the one birth certificate done would cost several hundred Euros.

We've asked around, including of the notaire who did our house sale, but no luck so far, and we're now very, very late in replying to RSI.

This is the relevant content from the letters of demand:


VOUS venez d'etre affilie au Regime Social des tndependants (RSI) au cours du 3 erne Trimestre 2012 surte a I'exercice d'une activite de travailleur indeoendant (Commeroat- Artisanal- Liberal).

Pour nous permettre de verifier les donnees d'etat civil qui vous concernent, je vous prie de nous faire parvenu obligatoirement les 2 pieces suivantes

• Un extrait d'acte de naissanceoriginal avecfiliation (Indicationdesnomser prenorns du pere etde la mere).

Pour les assures nes a l'etranger: Un extrait d'acte de naissance original avec filiation (Indication de noms et prenoms du pere et de la mere), plurllingue ou avec traduction etablie par un traducteur assermente aupres d'une Cour d' Appel en France ou par votre consulat en France.

Conforrnernent au droit international et sauf convention contraire, les actes de l'etat civil etrangers et leurs extraits ou copies officiels doivent etre legalises ou, Ie cas echeant, apostilles pour etre recevables en France.

• Copie d'une piece d'identite en cours de validite :

Si vous etes de nationalite etrangere :

- la photocopie de votre passeport pour les ressortissants de la CEE.( Ne pas omettre d'adresser le recto et le verso de la piece)

La-fourniture de ces documents est indispensable pour garantir vos droits aux prestations de sante et la delivrance de la carte vitale.


OK, thanks Tracy and Sheila for the info. I will move the query to the AE group.

Sorry, Tia, I should have been more specific. There are a number of discussions in relation to providing translations of birth and marriage certificates, and so on, which was what I was thinking of when referring you to the AE group.

Hi Tia, the RSI is Regime Sociale des Independants, so yes, it is the health provider for the majority of self employed workers so (probably) only people who are self employed will know the answer.

Most people on here are affiliated to CPAM, which, in general is not quite so demanding - although this can vary depending on where you live.

Hi Sheila. I did look at the AE Group, but I didn't see anything there about health cover, and my question is specifically about health cover.

Is it relevant to my question that we happened to get into RSI via the AE route? Does RSI exist only to cover AEs?

Hi Tia. You might care to read about this topic in the SFN Group, Autoentrepreneurs, and in fact, posting your query there might be a good idea (then delete this one). Here's the link to the Group: