Bit of a bummer?

I was in the kitchen beginning to prepare for making dinner. I occasionally glanced out of the window. Down at the bottom of our field is some woodland. Being on a slope the tops of the trees on the nearest edge of the wood are at about eye level.

I spotted something. It was a cream colour and a bit of brown but too far away to see. A bird perhaps. I looked again and again. I could have sworn it was moving. So it came to a point where some pots were on the stove and that left me free to get my binoculars for a better look. But no, whatever it was is too obscure. So I trudged half way down the field, raised my binoculars and what did I see?

I saw a pair of quite flimsy ladies knickers, a creamy colour with brown trimmings stuck in the top of the tree. The wind is terrifically strong at present but in the direction it is coming from there is only one house nearish with a woman in it. The next one is a man whose wife left ages ago, the next belongs to a woman who has been away for several weeks. So the one nearby. But then that woman is far too 'round' and I might say also probably too elderly for what is stuck up there. Anyway, I have never seen any laundry hung out there.

So what is behind this mystery. I was expecting some kind of rare bird, but my mind wandered off to old vernacular and made me think there is somebody nearby who has lost her knickers. Of course, I do not mean it in a lewd way, although I suppose that should not entirely be excluded.


Oh he'd have noticed it! Academics have their heads so far in the clouds they see everything from above. Who needs satellite surveillance when one has Dons? :-)


Oh Doreen and Brian I was only having fun with this, it was only a suggestion and yes I saw the date of April 2nd, but it was possibly there on April 1st and Brian might not have noticed it ! So in Brian's neighborhood it rains petites culottes..

Thank you Doreen. No Marie-Antoinette. I wrote the 1 April one somewhere else on SFN but then if you think it was a poisson on us, then for anybody to have physically done it would have involved a dense wood, barbed wire fences, a steep, muddy hillside and then the top of the kind of trees that are very tall but always very thin branches, hornbeam or French 'charme', during the night. I don't think so.

You guys have been having a lot of fun with this.... I think it was an April fools prank.

Steve. I think you are confusing knickers with my incontinence pants;-)

Thought the shag was a sea bird … roosts at night.

When I get back home from my visit to Torquay I'm gonna rip my wife's knickers off.................'cause they're killing me!

No doubt the bl**dy magpies have a talon in this, at least that's who I see most of in the murk at present. I prefer fun to getting off the hook and anyway I was determined to get a good shot of our 'flag' :-D

Sigh. Still - gets you off the hook! Sad though in a way - a mystery we'll never unravel. :)

They are gone! Boo-hoo. My mischief is ruined. There is no (in)justice in this world.


Tee-hee-hee. A pair of knickers becomes a hornets' nest to boot.

Suppose it dépends on the weather Brian! Now that Chris has mentioned the other possibility it's a bit of a moral dilemma too. Suppose someone at the mairie recognises them as belonging to their other half and also comes to that conclusion?

Tut-tut, the final thought ;-) But exactly my suspicion. The tops of the trees there would not support a nest but nicked knickers lost en route might well be. I tried photographing them but the driving rain just put drops on my phone's lens and anyway clouds are drifting along the valley and even a telephoto won't help.

They are still there, rather tattered and I am still wondering whether to have a laff at the mairie or not.

Good point, Black Kites are well known for using almost anything in their nests, plastic bags and the like, so lightweight panties would be quite possible....

....although judging by what happens in a corner of one of my fields it may be more likely the result of a clandestine shag.


I thought so (he said modestly). Can't be too careful these days and this way you'll find out who the knicker monitor is :)

Bloomin 'eck. Those are tall, skinny and very whippy hornbeams. The only way to get the offending article down would be by cutting the tree down. It is 3 or 4m off our land, so we can't do it. So perhaps you are right. If the knickers are still there Friday morning when the mairie is open I reckon I should pop in. The seem to have somebody responsible for a bit of everything and if they don't anything from the commune des communes, the canton, district or département will have somebody. I fancy a bit of a giggle (at their expense) so great idea David.