Bit of sad news

Bit of sad news to pass on

Tara, our 12 year ols lab died this morning. She had been ill with a lung infection for the past week. She had been on antibotics and steroids for the last 10 days.

Last night she would not get up from her blanket outside and I had to carry her inside. No mean feat as she weighed about 34 kilos. This morning she would not eat her food, went outside for a wee, came back in, lay down and sadly died.

Will miss her like crazy.


Oh no that’s so sad, I’m sorry. At least she died peacefully at home and not in a veterinary surgery. I imagine she had a wonderful life with you and your family.
Izzy x

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So sorry to hear your sad news. She has obviously been given a fantastic life. Take comfort that you will have many fond memories of her.

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I get that. It hurts. You have my sincere condolences.

Think of the good times - the smiles will come, mixed with tears. It sounds like Tara passed peacefully and at the right time.

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Oh no all my condolences, how sad - what a relief to die at home in familiar surroundings though. :bouquet:


This summed her up



So sorry, @andyw . She was lovely…

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I still miss our yellow lab who died 30 odd years ago and we never replaced - she was an exceptional dog. I still have fond memories of her in her basket with our (then) young son who used to curl up with her in her basket and read to her - she never seems to get get bored or doze off… :cry:


Who doesn’t like a belly rub! :laughing:

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We’ve no pets of our own, but seem to have been adopted by many dogs/cats in our village… and the wrench/heartache when one of them dies… hits us just as hard as their own family…
So, I can imagine, just a little… the sadness you feel.
As others have said… the fact that she died peacefully and in her own home… well, that is something positive to hang on to.


Sorry to hear that @andyw.

You clearly loved Tara and that is all that a dog wants.

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I’m so sorry for your loss. Animals really are part of the family. My sincere condolences.

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So sorry to hear that @andyw

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Sorry to hear that. It sounds like you will have many happy memories of her.

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So sorry your loved one has passed on. Each loss of my mates over the years knocks me sideways

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@andyw I’m so sorry to read of your loss of beautiful Tara, I hope you are able to take some comfort from her spending her final moments at home surrounded by love.

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We lost our Leah six weeks ago. She was our alarm, we always knew when the post had arrived or someone was passing, so we feel with you in your loss.


I’m so sorry for your loss. She was very loved and special and it looks like she had a wonderful life with you.

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I hope your sadness and sorrow eases over time and you can begin to enjoy all the good memories of your years together.

When, Issa my wife’s third maltese, died we planted a tree in the garden at one of her favourite spots with a little memorial plaque. We also decided to get a very different breed of dog (miniature poodle) so that the newcomer wasn’t simply a replacement or substitute, but a new, fresh start.


Hi All

Thanks for all the good wishes. Hugs all round.

It is so good she died with us and did not have to be put down. Always be grateful for that

The slightly difficult thing is that we still have Tara’s mum with us who is 14. Very old for a lab.

We always assumed that Tess would go first, but no.

She is blind, with dodgy hips, but still going strong. So not totally alone.

Take care all