Biting Insects

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I'm a new member and in the very early stages of planning our move to France, which is eagerly anticipated in 2017. I just wanted to ask for an opinion on midges / mosquitos etc. Does anyone find them much of a problem in Poitou Charente/Creuse/Limousin areas? I've noticed some nets up round peoples beds in some property photos?? Thanks

We don't use nets round beds, but we do have mosquito nets on any windows we might open. Mosquitos have a great appetite for my blood in particular, but you can't avoid being bitten really, so stock up on potions to soothe them. It's really not something to lose sleep over though...

Thanks for that Chris ... I dont think it will affect the region we focus on but interesting to get a bit more info. We plan to visit this autumn when I suspect we wont see any evidence of this. I'm a bit susceptible to bites and use repellants often in UK. I appreciate your reply.

I had Lapeyre mossie "blinds" in my old house, currently updating this house in Lot et Garonne. Use a combination of blinds, zappers, repellants and even sticky strips and you will beat them. The worst place I've ever been for midges is Scotland in summer, impossible to walk in the woods!

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Mosquitos in France are usually a harmless irritant, it is not uncommon in many countries to apply blinds on the windows.

Stagnant or still water are ideal breeding areas for the little critters. A water butt for example can harbour thousands of larvae. A local farmer used to put goldfish in his water butts!

There are granules available for large areas of water which are harmless to aquatic animals but kill mosquito larvae:

  • Composition : 37,4 % bacillus thuringienis sérotype H14 (=israelensis) titrant 3000 UTI/mg
  • Dosage : Grandes surfaces : par voie terrestre ou aérienne à la dose de 1kg/ha. Petites surfaces : à l'aide d'un pulvérisateur à pression. Diluer 10g dans 5 L d'eau. Appliquer sur 100m2 de gîtes larvaires
  • Homologation : AMM : 2020029

Not for sale to Mr General Public, but can be applied by a qualified (in France) Pest Controller.

'Tis the season when all the nasties emerge but don't let that put you off living and loving France. A lot of townies move here for the country life idyll and are amazed by the number of beasts, bugs and insects which the locals just get on with, but the rest run a mile.


Avoid stagnent water.

Plant lavender and citrus based grasses and plants.

Prevention better than cure.

Deet. For picnics barbies etc

Hello Bryan - something you buy at the pharmacy I presume? Just had as look online and also found wrist bands, which would be useful - the reviews say they work well. I'll try both I think and see how I get on. Thanks for the advice

Maybe a joke.

DET was used in the wars to kill lice etc on troops. Also used in early fire extinguishers.

Trouble is it killed humans too.

I've always used mosquitos nets on my windows, there are connected to a jack. Heating scares away insects

DEET was used as an effective repellant* until a couple of years ago, MMcC maybe you're thinking of DDT?!

(edited) * for use on humans, it is still available in products like "Naff Off"*Version*=1&*entries*=0

I still use a DEET spray when mowing the lawn to keep those horseflies from ripping chunks out of my 6 pack (ha ha if only).

You're right. I was thinking of DDT. X

Hello Denise, I would like to inform you that my cousin had a very bad experience because of mosquitoes, his son suffered from dengue fever after shifting to a new house in New York. Later he took the help of Pest Control Chappaqua, NY professionals to get rid of mosquitoes. We all know that mosquitoes prefer human blood over anything else and the disease they cause is very dangerous. So, make sure that you inspect the area where you will be shifting.

Iam the main meal for these creatures. In the evening I use Mousti Fluide. Crom the pharmacist. In my pocket all the time I have. DAPIS stick which is a herbal product which is very effective if applied immediately. I also use Apaisyl gel.

I have a mosquito screen on the window and also a net, which you can get from IKEA.

Even if yku have the windiw screen you have to be sure to close your bedroom door l the time.

There are also small biting flies.

We live in Southern Burgundy.

As previously said, avoid stagnant water, you can easi,y to corget to leave it under plant pots after it has rained.

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I have a small ancient puit/remains of a garden fountain in a sunken part of my garden....and I worried about it being a breeding ground for mossies, but I love dragonflies and wanted to encourage them. If I end up staying put, here in the Dordogne, rather than moving, I thoght it would be nice to convert it (a la Monty Don), to a wildlife pool (complete with an island and ducks of course).....

I have 2 cats and fleas land on me occasionally, but don't bite me ( and are alot less of a problem now it's Summer and the cats are spending all their time out in the garden,even at night and loving it and the last spray round of insecticide has done it's job)...and I rarely get bitten by anything else. There is Science which claims that certain people exude a scent that is irristable......If I were you, i would consider upping your garlic consumption three fold, thereby fending off man & beast, of course...perhaps, especially in hot weather, not a bad idea ? Works for me...

Yes for the Charente. I'm presently covered in bites. Not just mozzies - we have horrid biting flies too.

Oh and those eyelash lookalike things which can give a nasty sting if you go near them. Best to leave them be.

All these comments are really, really interesting and useful. I'll keep a note of the names of suggested products. I also like the idea of planting help put them off. Also the standing water makes alot of sense. I currently have an old tin bath planted up with lillies etc and its absolutely full of larvae and I'm still in England!

We're all taking daily anti histamines at the moment, or we wouldn't be able to sleep because of itching. Citirizine, ordered in bulk from chemist direct because it's ten times the price in France.

Which part of Charente do you live Debra?