Bloody Facebook thread problem

I have tried a dozen times just now to reply to @Eddie_Ridgment in the above thread but it just sits there no matter what I do. Even if I come out of it and go back in afresh the same thing happens.

In between tries I have successfully replied to other threads, so what is going on?

This is the reply I was trying to send:

Already covered that Eddie, further up the thread. Whatsapp needs a smartphone and I neither have or want or need a smartphone. :smiley:

Perhaps, David, it’s time you reconsidered getting yourself a smartphone…


"For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven:face_with_hand_over_mouth:

We have a local phone shop that sells reconditioned ones with a 12 month guarantee. And help you set them up.

Given that people change phones regularly there are ones that I would consider new that are very low prices.

So sorry you are unable to reply to my comment. I do understand your reluctance to use technology, such as a smartphone. However to use FB, requires something.

It isn’t the cost, it is the fact that I can find no useful reason to have something so large to lug about around my person. I have never seen one as small and handy as the portable telephone that I already have, that fits perfectly into a bag which can also carry my small wallet, my car keys, my dog bags and, when necessary a shopping list and a handful of treats for the dog.

My attitude is not helped by constantly viewing moronic swiping and wiping in public while supposedly holding a conversation with a real person.

I am not against people having smart phones, except when they are supposed to be talking to me, and I can’t think of a single good reason to ditch my current phone with its large buttons and loudspeaker. Certainly not to speak to the one or two people who seemed to have dropped out of my orbit. If a smartphone is so smart why can’t it send me an email or a text?

My daughter in England has one, but that doesn’t stop her from texting or emailing me, my son in Thailand has one but he can do both as well, or use the awful FB, the only reason to have the latter really. At least with FB I can use it in comfort at home in my living room, but that’s the only real advantage for that and it is not essential to my life.

Anyway, the orginal question for this thread was:

I have tried a dozen times just now to reply to @Eddie_Ridgment in the above thread but it just sits there no matter what I do. Even if I come out of it and go back in afresh the same thing happens.

In between tries I have successfully replied to other threads, so what is going on?

Anybody any ideas, management, techies, perhaps? :thinking:

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Heres a nice small,compact smartphone with whatsapp,facebook and youtube already installed, and its also dual sim,so if you have both uk and french sims you can use them both together. Also its very cheap.éléphone-Portable-Garanti/dp/B09RMRTHTZ/ref=d_pd_sbs_hintsv3_sccl_2_8/262-8848295-0516843?pd_rd_w=93VCB&content-id=amzn1.sym.ec6d0280-989a-42a7-af07-ebb0eb87df1b&pf_rd_p=ec6d0280-989a-42a7-af07-ebb0eb87df1b&pf_rd_r=E6PJKZ58Z1A6G946ER2R&pd_rd_wg=Zn5xY&pd_rd_r=269a00df-d6c3-4d1b-85ae-2860a460244b&pd_rd_i=B09RMRTHTZ&psc=1

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I delete my FB account 4 days ago.

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Looks interesting @digitracker but there are some adverse reports for it. If I was to go for it I think I would still use my faithful Doro which suits me fine and keep this for specialised use.

Having said that, it does have Whatsapp and although I know people who use that I can easily contact them at the moment, but it does not have Instagram, the only way my daughter in law can communicate with apparently.

Having Facebook and anything else that a smart phone provides that my Doro doesn’t does not seem to be persuasive in its favour. As the title of this thread shows, I have had nothing but problems with FB for a long time.

So, basically €73 just for Whatsapp that I hardly would need to use and keep it only for that does not appeal at the moment. I’ll see what my local experts think. :wink: :smiley:

Oh one more thing. I have an excellent Energizer torch. Rechargeable. Fine, but the charger is missing and no other of the myriad chargers I use fits it and moreover the place where I bought it could not find one that worked either.

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Model number please as will have a charger here I can post to you.

Very kind, but where would you send it from, not England I hope? :astonished: :wink:

I’ll have a look and see if I can find a number but it wasn’t a plea on its behalf I was just mentioning it because this smartphone is the same make and I hope it would not be so exclusive as the torch, that’s all. :smile:

Le Mans, I live here :wink:

Oh I see, yes of course. Not easy to read small, black on black background but I think it is HCSPR611.

But please don’t go to any trouble, the man at the Brico was most helpful and tested several but even when he found one that fitted, it didn’t work when plugged into the mains.

So you can see why that experience colours consideration of the Energizer smartphone. The other thing which does is when I asked someone this morning what benefits could be accrued with a smartphone as opposed to the unsmart one I have, apart from WhatsApp there was nothing at all of interest. Even WhatsApp is no good if for one person only I need Instagram. :rofl:

David, how about using the phone to call the various people instead of worrying about wotsup or installgranny. My kids or relatives call me on the phone or I call them on the phone, I also use Teams via the internet.

Exactly what I already do, but this one person, Fran’s daughter in law, is the only person I can communicate with as the link between Fran and her children, so it was vital to keep them up to date with her progress, or lack of it.

We used to message on FB till FB messed up my account and all the contacts with her did not re-appear when it was re-instated. I tried everything, phone, text, email with no result and when I saw her in England a few weeks ago she said innocently that she had been messaging but received no replies from me. It then became clear that, how I’ll never know, she had migrated to Instagram, something I can’t get on without a smartphone. So that is where we are.

If there is any change in Fran’s condition, I have no way to inform her 3 children.

No reply from FB, regarding my now 3 accounts there, but also I am wondering why, @james or @cat, I could not reply in the real ‘Bloody Facebook’ thread the other day. :thinking:

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How did you get hold of her if you have no means of contacting her?

Went to her house maybe.

I’m sure you can use Instagram on the computer??

You can.

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Firstly @SuePJ , @Griffin36 has the answer though I didn’t know when I got there if either she or her husband, Fran’s son, were still alive. She has very advanced MS and he is an alcoholic who was only saved from death just before Christmas by an emergency stay in hospital.

Secondly to @toryroo and again @Griffin36 . That is good news if true, but someone in this thread or the original one said both Instagram and WhatsApp can only be accessed via a smartphone and I am sure we all know by now, I haven’t got one. I did get Instagram installed on the PC but can’t use it because it won’t accept any passwords I give it.

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