Boom radio

I happened to hear that new radio station was to be launched on 14th Feb – “Boom Radio”. It is aimed, they say, specifically at these folks who had been jettisoned by Radio 2 and the other stations, and they would be playing 50’s, 60’s and 70’s choons, and some newer. (I also read that the Beeb is only following the lead of Virgin Radio, Heart FM etc. in deliberately ditching their baby boomers . . . and older! . . . so systemic disenfranchisement across the spectrum). Being of that vintage, I have been listening on t’internet, and find it quite up my street. A month on, it seems to be very successful, and was rolled out across UK on DAB this weekend. I suspect a fair number of fellow “Survivors” might fall into this demographic.

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I use Absolute Radio, they have separate 60s, 70s, 80s, rock etc 12 different stations, non stop music.

Looks like you need to be in the UK to listen to it.

which one Peter? I’ve been able to play Boom on my PC through Firefox.

Absolute Radio

ah yes…
I guess you could “fiddle” the postcode using an old UK one…
Yup, that worked :wink:
bit “noisy” for my taste :loudspeaker:

I am listening to it just now through the app or

Do you want to listen to the same decade music all of the time? A mixture is good.

I tend to agree, that’s why I listen to Gold Radio.

I’m still firmly on Planet Rock (same stable as Absolute though).

In fact I find the prospect of Absolute x0’s quite sad. I have many friends forever.entrenched in the 60’s. On my “jukebox” (phone) I have “popular” stuff from the 20’s (the roaring ones) right through to the 20’s.

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I agree.

There’s an app called Radio UK and it’s got just about any British station you can imagine. I have it on my iPad, which then transmits by WiFi to a Sonos speaker. Sounds great! As a fallback there are a lot of UK radio stations on Freesat.

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I used to listen to Nicky Horn on Planet rock when I got nostalgic about the Capital radio evenings in the seventies. Anna Raeburn was good too, she used to discuss “personal” issues on air before sex had been invented.

Capital radio and Anna Raeburns’ evening phone-ins, remember it well :flushed:

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I’m afraid I was weaned on Radio Caroline and RNI just down the road in the North Sea. I used to listen to anything to avoid Radio 1 !
Well, except John Peel of course.

My first memory of listening to “my own” music is of Luxembourg, AFN Frankfurt, and Hilversham under the bedclothes on a crystal set - really! 1953. Broadcast audio quality hasn’t half improved since then.

Absolutely, I remember Emperor Rosko and Johnny Walker on Radio Caroline. It was owned by an Irishman, Ronan O’Rahilly, who’s parents owned a sea port at Geenore in Ireland. That’s where he fitted out the MV Caroline (MV even though I don’t think it had any engines apart from the generators). I kept a scrapbook as a kid of newspaper cuttings about the pirate stations and used to listen to them under the covers long after bedtime.

O’Rahilly’s grandfather had a prominent part in the 1916 rebellion (though he wasn’t in favour of it, though nor were most of the Irish population). He was known as The O’Rahilly, and was killed near the end of the battle.
I have an apartment not too far from where his family home was in Dublin until some scoundrel of a developer demolished it last year.

Yes, Luxembourg was my childhood listening before the pirates came along. The station , in our part of the world anyway used to fade in and out on a regular basis, due to climactic conditions I suppose. When I was studying electronics and telecommunications at college I learned that ´ Luxembourg Effect’ was the technical name given to the fading in and out of signals.

Yes, along with Tony Blackburn, Simon Dee , Tony Prince, dlt, johnny Walker etc etc
I recall the first ship in the North Sea was the Mi Amigo.