Boring waste of time news apparently

Boring waste of time new so removed it. I shall not bother sharing again. fed up of the animosity generated by a minuscule amount of folks

And your point Harry is…?

I think that he’s suggesting that older drivers should be banned from the road.

not at all David. Just another stupid accident where a biker was killed.

Do I have to have a point to share news? Or are you just tying yet again to get a rise from me Mr GAY?

About 10 people are killed on french roads every day. Sad, but true. And bikers are a goodly proportion of them.

David G’s comment is something a Troll might say.:grinning:

are you sure? I thought trolls said things like.

“gulellug guloiz guakun gorouum ishazag ushoday? glogzag guluamuth guakun ishanierag ushhuth ushrolrag. Guluoiz i durat duloinor ushug azaakum gorot”

Gularrzag gorouum ushrolrag guluaturuth guakan guinallzag ulevealemar ! Dulreetingakun azvirag inunuth ! :grimacing::joy::joy:

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I’m sure the relatives will be very pleased by that news David, I hope that you might receive the same comfort if a member of your family meets the same end !


Wow that really is insensitive.


It certainly is …I think that David Gay should be really ashamed to have posted it.
I see that he has been ‘flagged’ I was hoping that he would at least respond, but from some of his other posts in the past David Gay and sensitivity don’t go together !


goreakun gutakun iniuakum ushheruth. I ushhougarg gumar ashharuth glogzag hakanguaguth ushranslatoum. Guakum ishoeakun guluoakum dulwayakun thuroruku duakun ushheruth duruth iniveum 50 ishialectakun iniir ushrolrag

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Ushhankakun @anon54681821 I hakovuth ashtufir hakikuth ushhis! :heart::grinning::+1:

Not trying to excuse @David_GAY or his comment on a tragic accident, but there are people who react to shocking news with a reflex ‘flip’ and wholly inappropriate comment, and only realise how awful it is when the words have been uttered, and can’t be unsaid.

As someone who has been around death and “breaking bad news” a lot, I recognise it as an emotional response that is often completely out of character, causes huge embarrassment, but is a rare form of psychological defence (denial), and should be seen in that light, and not condemned too harshly. I do realise it is very upsetting, but allowances can sometimes be made by the thoughtful critic.

David himself may have thoughts on this?

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while I can understand that with verbal comments I have written things and after seen the error, I probably knew the error in fact but chose to ignore it and posted anyhow. We are adults, we are in control of what we write.

There is also a delete function which I myself have used on things i posted but saw I was being a dick so removed myself.


I agree Harry, and when we do stupid things it’s better to acknowledge the fact and apologise.

Most reasonable people understand that we are imperfect creatures with vulnerabilities: to err is human; and even a pattern of repeated errors is not necessarily a hanging matter, it can be sympathetically and humanely addressed, and changed.

You strike me as a particularly sensitive and scrupulously honest man, from whom we can learn a lot. Your dogs are lucky to have found such an unusually empathic champion and advocate as you.

Oh dear. I’m sorry that some people here are so offended. I’m afraid I do tend to view the world from a cynical point of view. i couldn’t really see why Harry had made the original post. To me it was rather like the banner headline “Small Earthquake in Turkey. Not many dead”. As to my lack of sensitivity. How can I be sensitive to an accident victim and their family of whom I know nothing. Certainly I’m not incapable of imagining their grief but people die, they are killed, transplants are probably the only good thing to come out of such incidents . Perhaps some people might have taken the time to read my post Tragedie en Gironde. Now that was a tragedy on a massive scale not one motard. I dislike intensely the term snowflake but we do seem to be in a bit of a blizzard here…


Mr GAY. Since admin agree the comments are offensive your saying the admin @cat and @james are also snowflakes? I am far from a snowflake. It was local news to me and a know accident spot.

So had you written a decent sentence instead f your one liners maybe it would have been seen in a different light.

Where you not always so dramatic and challenging in many of your comments, other may not have read into what you wrote and taken offence at you and those some people are allot of people. Posts do not get flagged for 1 or 2 reports. I also private messaged about it.

I think often people write stuff in the hope of being challenged so then they can say, why oh why am i so misunderstood… I do not know if that is what you personally are doing but it does seem to happen allot.

Take a moment to read what your write and look at it from others points of view.

End of the day you made bad comments, learn from it and move forward. Not everyone has the same point of view, some are cynical, some are challenging, some just chill out others just troll once in awhile. Each person is different and we all have to respect that. “dinner party rules”

Hang on a minute please Harry. Neither of us (actually I will speak for myself as James is in the barn and may have said something of which I am unaware) have said we found the comments offensive.

Actually it is entirely the kind of flip (and often perceived as inappropriate) comment that I myself are quite inclined to make and then think ‘ooh maybe not…’

I liked Peter’s considered response because it was just that.

I like your comment about being a dick as it was honest and made me laugh.

End of.

Can we PLEASE all tone down the aggression. There has been far too much on SF lately and it’s been tolerated for a while but for those of you who saw James’s comments in the Lounge thread, it’s quite clear that he has reached zero tolerance point.

You’ve been warned :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Now go and have a nice day !