Boris Johnson - liar, fraud and just plain stupid

(Mandy Davies) #1

If this disgusting excuse for a human being becomes Prime Minister I will try to do whatever it takes to move back to France.

(Ian Horswell) #2

There’s lies, damned lies and Boris Johnson!

(Mandy Davies) #3

He seems to get away with behaving badly every single time. He must have some serious s*it on the people in power.

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(Ann Coe) #4

He is a disgusting repulsif creep !

(Paul Flinders) #5

It’s what happens when lying becomes second nature, you lie continuously - about the big stuff and about the small stuff as well, and you don’t even check to see if your lies are plausible.

That said I think Boris as PM, tasked with delivering Brexit would be a brilliant move.

No surer way to make sure the project fails and fails hard.

But I’m not sure the Tories are daft enough, even in their current state, to vote him in in as leader.

(Nellie Moss ) #6

I used to like him. Saw him as the lovable buffoon he likes to give the impression of being. Then came the referendum when he sold himself to the highest bidder and I saw right through him

(Jane Williamson) #7

I think Boris Johnson is out for Boris Johnson, end of.
Rachel Johnson is standing for Change UK in the European Elections.

(Bob Sivell) #8

I think he’s all 3…
& much more besides.

(Paul Flinders) #9

There was a point where one could believe that behind the loveable buffoon there was a shrewder mind.

Unfortunately it has been revealed that behind the loveable buffoon there is merely an unloveable buffoon; what you see is what you get with Boris.

(Robert Hodge) #10

Based upon the track record of the current incumbent of No10, does not the above description of Boris Johnson actually make him well suited to be her replacement ?

(Jane Williamson) #11

I would hope that we would get a better replacement.
Someone who is not as stubborn as TM , or as garrulous as BJ.
Perhaps someone who really takes real overview and tries to do their best for the country and not just their party.
Havng seen the success of the Independents in tge Council elections it would be good to see one in No. 10, but the cost of running restricts the type of candidate.

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(Timothy Cole) #12

Can anyone name a current senior politician from any party that they would like to see as PM?

(Ian Horswell) #13

I can’t.
Not since the days of McMillan, Douglas-Home, Wilson, Callaghan and Thatcher has the UK had a proper leader.

(Mandy Davies) #14

Where have all the strong, principled, charismatic leaders gone?

I can’t think of any current politician I’d like to see as Prime Minister.

(Peter Goble) #15

I think charisma is a very slippery and fashionable attribute, hung round the neck of sundry handsome here-today-and-gone-tomorrow gobshites by the tawdry lackeys of the capitalist media.

There now, I promised myself I would restrain my worst excesses of lefty hyperbole, and I’ve torn it again! :zipper_mouth_face::roll_eyes:

(Paul Flinders) #16

Farage, Boris, JRM, even May in their own way certainly have charisma - it’s a bit hard to see it - watching their performances via the filter of the flickering screen makes it harder to spot - as does the fact that most appear out of their depth with the problems of today, but watch them in person and you will realise the main reason they are in their current position is that they do have charisma.

In fact it is the empty charisma (such as it is) of Farage which has got us into this mess - he can find a rabble to whip up to his cause but beyond a broad idea cannot nuance that cause or come up with a plan to implement it.

The mess is not Brexit per se, it’s entering into the biggest political maelstrom the nation has experienced short of war without the first glimmer of an idea how to proceed thereafter.

(Peter Goble) #17

I think “empty charisma” is a contradiction in terms, Paul. What’s wrong with charlatanry, chutzpah, cheap-jack cheat, snake-charmers craftiness, and barefaced cheek as ready-made synonyms for their qualities of being? :joy:

(Graham Pollard) #18


This graphic could use a little sharing don’t you think?

(Nellie Moss ) #19

Misread the posts agree about Farage

(Jane Williamson) #20

Domnc Grieve, Anna Soubrey.