Boxers collection - Has the world gone mad?

(Dan Wood) #1

There appears to be a certain amount of sympathy for a professional boxer who was filmed on Saturday in Paris assaulting police officers during the GJ manif. In fact over 100,000 EUROS has been donated in support of his actions.

No matter how constantly surprised l am in this Trumpian Dystopian age of perverse and corrupt actions there is always another one that is more outrageous than the last.

Or is my outrage misplaced?

(VĂ©ronique Langlands) #2

Not misplaced at all, this collection is appalling, it is shameful and completely inappropriate.

(Ann Coe) #3

For once words fail me :nauseated_face:

(Jane Williamson) #4

I am afraid this shows the mentality or non mentality of activists at the moment.
Calling Anna Soubrey a Nazi on the streets of London just outside Parliament and she having to force her way into the House with the police not coming to her aid until almost too late.
The misogynists sending death and rape threats to women MP’s.
Women who support Trump.
It is frightening.

(John Scully) #5

I thought you’d started a thread about a collector of male underwear. As in “have you seen my boxers collection, it’s next to my Scalextric collection?”.

(Helen Wright) #6

I saw the video of this before the collection started…the police were in full riot gear…shields and visors…the boxer was bare faced and only had leather gloves on…

I’m not debating the rights or wrongs of it but the boxer was never going to be able to physically hurt the police officer…only his pride…

(Dan Wood) #7

What a strange petty childish response to a serious issue - l know you have supported the GJ in the past but you must have a view about this subject - come on John let’s hear it.

(Catharine Higginson) #8

Aw c’mon Dan - bit early to start sniping iasn’t it?!
Personally I took John’s response as the joke which I am sure it was meant to be.
Can I remind you that we don’t need / want / tolerate unpleasantness on SF. Thanks and have a nice day!

(Timothy Cole) #9

It’s irrelevant that he was unlikely to injure the police officer, that was his intent so he should be charged accordingly.

If this carries on the GJ’s will lose public support, this protest isn’t about the police it’s about the government.

(Catharine Higginson) #10

Sorry but your comment made me giggle because I thought (as I always do when people - usually the media - say “the police were in full riot gear” and my response is always “well, what the flip did they expect them to be wearing? Speedos? Comedy breasts and lederhosen?” And now I’ve got an image of riot police in lederhosen and can’t get it out of my head…
So you have put an early morning smile on my face, thank you! Xxx

(stella wood) #11

As you describe… the Police were appropriately clad… ready to face the baying mob… against which they are (in the main) forbidden to unleash their force/fury, while at the same time they must remain targets for all sorts of missiles and personal attacks etc etc.

I watched before/during and after.
The Police are defending themselves whilst trying to reinstate order… the Attackers are seeking to cause as much chaos and injury to the Police and to trash/damage property…

The Boxer made a continued attack against the Police… he did not just make a wild swipe/gesture… he went on, again and again… determined to cause physical harm IMO… if he possibly could… or else to infuriate the Police enough to make one of them slip the leash and retaliate properly and efficiently. Whereupon the Police would have been hauled up as bullies … and worse…

The World has gone MAD

(stella wood) #12

I took is as a joke… because that was also my first thought… underwear… :roll_eyes: … silly me… :wink:

I support the right of each and every one of us to make a peaceful demonstration, properly declared beforehand to the Prefecture… and for which the necessary permission has been obtained from the Prefecture.

(Fleur Capaldi) #13

Selon France 2, qui cite une source policière, le boxeur portait des gants renforcés de plomb.

(David Martin) #14

The news stories from London are no better with crowds of thugs prowling around Westminster. The news that I’ve found distressing from that city is the news about the young moped rider who was stabbed to death yesterday. None of the news reports that I’ve heard have shown any surprise or horror that a crime like that happened on London’s streets. All the reports have mentioned that the victim appears to have been in a road accident while riding his moped. Not one of them has commented on it being illegal for him to do so. Are traffic violations being totally ignored these days? It sounds more like the Wild West than a capital city with a West End.

(John Scully) #15

Come on Dan, having a corkscrew as your photo isn’t exactly mature is it and I have no idea what you mean by me supporting the Jilly Jones. I have no hard view, I see myself as a guest here in France, an observer. It’s not, IMO, for me to approve or disapprove of how the French choose to protest.
Having reviewed the thread title I now see the problem, there’s an apostrophe missing in “boxer’s” which caused me to assume the plural rather than the possessive :slight_smile:

(Dan Wood) #16

Heartfelt apologies John - I confused you with someone else - My wife rightly thinks it’s dementia kicking in and advises me to refrain from posting anything until she gives her approval. Sounds like a good idea.

The corkscrew logo is a brand image l use on my blog which mainly revolves around the Bordeaux vineyards and production of the redstuff. Never thought about it being immature - just a bit of fun and relevant to me.:blush::blush::blush:

This message has been approved by MOH.

(John Scully) #17

No worries Dan. I didn’t mean to cause offense.

(Catharine Higginson) #18

Interested to see you blog please! #nosy but also about to start approaching Bordeaux based wine producers as part of a project - will pm you!
Also, whilst it is a LOVELY corkscrew and I’m all for branding, there are really good reasons why we use photos on SF - it does stop 99.99% of the usual forum nastiness, so if you could be persuaded to upload a photo of your good self, that would be fab!

(Michael Archer) #19

What about all the others cat, think a reminder from you might persuade a few more especially the members who contribute regular.

(stella wood) #20

@mick … someone has expressed fear… that use of a photo … might lead to flirting :thinking:

not that I’ve noticed anything untoward in the time I have been on the Forum… :zipper_mouth_face: