Boxers collection - Has the world gone mad?

(Catharine Higginson) #21

Absolutely agree :slight_smile:
Problem is that I am on here all too rarely and whilst @smwsplr @vero and many others do a stirling job in ‘enforcing the party line’ re behaviour, posting etiquette and of course, alerting me and Mr H to “Things That Need To Be Dealt With”, Stella can’t be everywhere (!) and Vero also has a full time job!

So, if any of you regular contributors would like to (gently and politely) remind posters why we think it’s such a good idea and post the link to the explanation post, we’d all be very appreciative!


(Dan Wood) #22

Hi Catharine - It is a Photographic blog and you will find it here

(John Scully) #23

Bit of entrepreneurial initiative here… a GJ Santon which you can put your own slogan on. Only in 7cm it seems.

(Ann Coe) #24

I did try a while back but had a lot of responses that people weren’t comfortable with it :upside_down_face:

No problems for me, I am quite happy for folks to see my ugly mug, I do believe also that it gives more of the dinner party atmosphere that you and James aim for. We all from time to time sit down at a table with people we don’t know, seeing their ‘faces’ leaves me feeling that they have nothing to hide and are quite comfortable being open and sharing with others.

Of course if there is someone on the most wanted list, or royalty, posting here then I do understand their need for anonimity :rofl:

(Catharine Higginson) #25

I’ve had people before now claiming to work for Mossad :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

(Helen Wright) #26

Je n’avais pas lu cela fleur…j’ai lu dans un journal britannique que sa femme et lui avaient ete gazes et qu’il a “deborde”…il a dit qu’il avait mal reage…

(Simon Armstrong) #27

Thing is…it’s against the law to verbally or physically attack a police officer :thinking::thinking::thinking:

More than 1000 officers have been injured so far during the Jilly Jones riots - a funding appeal for them is doing really well!

(Peter ) #28

Great pictures! :+1::+1::+1:

(Brian Swift) #29

These yellow vests seem to be attracting the dregs of society, a friend got held up in a big traffic backlog leaving Bordeaux at the start of December. The car infront of him had an Asian family in it. He couldn’t believe the abuse these poor people got from the yellow vest bully boys.
I don’t know what the answer is to this serious problem but it will make a lot of people think twice about visiting France.

(Peter Goble) #30

I very much like the corkscrew image, and the mention of personal images supporting the ‘dinner-party’ ethos and spirit of good-natured fun.

But I can’t help my having a mental image of sitting facing the corkscrew at dinner, and wondering if anyone (not me I insist, but maybe an inebriated and disinhibited guest) were to reach under the table and twist his screw, would both his arms go up in unison?

Perhaps this is why it is polite to keep one’s hands visible during the meal at dinner-parties, lest debauchery prevail! :fork_and_knife::thinking::scream::open_hands::grin:

(Dan Wood) #31

This is my little corkscrew gallery of reactions - The arms raised is 'shock’:blush::blush::blush:

(Peter Goble) #32

@Dan_Wood how devilishly ticklish, you clever man! :joy::joy::joy:

(Catharine Higginson) #33

Brilliant!! Love it!

(Lyndsey Pion) #34

Avid reader of general discussion posts but still guilty of no photo or contributions! However, as a Bordeaux based wine producer, would love to help you on your upcoming project. Please don’t hesitate to contact me, guess you have my e-mail or Vignobles Pion on facebook. Bon week-end

(Mat Davies) #35

@Dan_Wood - It looks like a dad dance of YMCA!

(Stephen Mann) #36

I think the best response to the ridiculous fund set up for the boxer, was the president of the southern Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region, Renaud Muselier, setting up a collection for the over 1000 injured Police, which rapidly exceeded a million euros. It was interesting to note, that at the very start of the trouble in Paris, the main news reports showed the Police firing gas etc at demonstrators and using their batons. It only emerged days later, that the Police were pelted with steel Boule balls, and cobble stones, before they started to defend themselves with riot guns, gas and batons. The Police and GJ missed a great opportunity to take criminals off the streets. Had they liaised before hand, they could have directed the Police to the violent criminal infiltrators, and removed them. As usual, they are nearly always the same far right or far left cretins, that use any and every opportunity to infiltrate demonstrations and cause mayhem.

(Dan Wood) #37

Well said Stephen - Have you noticed that over the last few Saturday’s there is a growing number of First-aiders, all dressed identically (pale grey tee shirts with a cross on the back) and well protected with helmets. I assume they are all ‘Croix Rouge’ volunteers - they appear to be well trained, disciplined and try very hard not to get between the unruly elements and the police. It would have been unbelievable a few months ago that we would see such scenes on the streets of Bordeaux - I am having enormous difficulty believing that, according to several surveys, the GJ’s have the support of the majority of the French Public. All the people l speak to, neighbours, friends and family, all say the same thing - Supported them at the beginning, applauded the concessions they achieved but do not understand the purpose of the continuing ‘struggle’ nor the need for violence and civil disorder and have lost patience and no longer support the movement. However, most would be interested to see a legitimate political movement, along traditional lines, emerge from the chaos. I suppose the upcoming European Elections will give us a good indication if they are a viable political party. I do believe that if they concentrated on consolidating their gains and established a manifesto together with a charismatic and intelligent leadership they might mount a challenge to the other parties - maybe as part of a Coalition. But the violence must stop soon.

(Stephen Mann) #38

I think the public still support the GJ but with reservations, because of the sheer violence, and destruction of private and public property. Whilst it is almost certain that the majority of protesters were and are peaceful, there will always be a criminal infiltration element. I have never understood the lack of liaison between protest groups and authorities. 95% of the damage and violence could have been easily avoided. The biggest mistake was allowing the vandalising of Frances biggest military monument. That caused a far bigger back lash than the GJ’s realise. A friend of mine, who is ex foreign Legion and Police was horrified, as were my neighbours. They simply could not understand it, and nor could i. In many ways it legitimised any following Police actions in a lot of peoples minds. Of course it probably wasn’t GJ’s that committed the crime, BUT, it’s their demonstration so it’s their responsibility, and could easily have been prevented, as they have since shown. Thankfully. The problem is the violent element is still there, and until they deal with it, they will continue to lose support. Having been in the situation of being outnumbered by literally 100’s to one at demonstrations, but with no protection at all other than your colleagues, a cork helmet, and a piece of wood, i know how the Police feel. It’s not something i would want to go through ever again.

(Barbara Arnold) #39

To Dan Wood re First Aiders at the Gilets Jaunes demonstrations.
As a Croix-Rouge française first aider for many years I can assure you that they have nothing to do with the French Red Cross, and could be leaving themselves open to prosecution for false usage of the symbol which is protected by law (internationally I believe). Many of them in fact use the symbol with a fine diagonal cross superimposed expressly to avoid this confusion.
This is my first post, forgive me if I have been a bit abrupt, but you can probably tell that the neutrality of the Red Cross movement is important to me.

Barbara Arnold

(David Martin) #40

Was there any suggestion that the first aiders mentioned were anything other than neutral?