Brand Before the Product

Let's start here Which is a proposed New Agency and a Blog which tells us where we are now....

This is the culmination of the efforts since April 8th...The story is in reverse! This is how it began......

I wonder if any of you would like to join me in a little experiment? It is my belief that it is possible to create a Brand, not just a logo, like say an Apple, before the very product.... decide, then bring that product to market. and at that, very cheaply.

This afternoon in, 2 hours, I put together this web site, to launch I know not what. It could be a new Brand Consultancy Apt701 Image Guidance Specialists, The Launch of ISOBEL BROOKES PhotoFusion Artist and Style Consultant.

I have started a FaceBook Page in tandem, and there is a Book, and 'Zine in the Pipeline. I have been careful with my wording, allowing the end product to be a flexible in outcome. Let's say if just by the power of the web, and various techniques, a commission is awarded...then I hope the point will have been made it.

If there are any issues, web manipulation, exploitation, or whatever bring them on, as healthy debate is part of the marketing mix.

Please let me know if you are interested in helping me with this project.

Ron Birks

We are pleased to announce that the initial phase of Isobel Brookes Global is complete. We are now going to Buzz Through's a hive of Industry

Hello John,

It has been awful here too! very rare for this time of year, but now it's sunny. Do you know johnnywokkers? on the complex. Let me know when you are visiting and perhaps we can meet up. I have a few gigs booked there, it's opposite the Mississippi on the beach.

All the best


PS nor sure if we are SFN friends..? you can PM me.

Been raining every day back here in blighty the last few days, where I am on holiday in Wales. I cannot wait to get back to Agde.

I keep getting these messages twice I said

I keep getting these messages twice

must admit it's chilly here..but I do have me blower pointed straight up me jim jam bottoms..that's a blow heater, not a phone, that would be silly! are we friends? so confused with this double messaging..

( some key words in there to juggle with )

I'll be the Village idiot Shirley, always mountain goating around!!!

nobody sleep round here?

not keen myself either Shirley...good point!

if the Product was a Perry, and Russell was the Brand what would come first?

Yo, Cracked through the 1800 page views barrier...noice.. and the web-site has had over 1500 page views....' cor smack me in the gob!

1773 Page Views and 1064 visits to the website to date. Thank you very much and hope you don't mind that I have kept you in the picture

Ron Birks was studying to be a licentiate of the Society of Artists and Designers at the WSCD in '69. He had a passion for Graphic design and Branding...threatened with expulsion for being ... err.. not the model student he formed a company Ansell Birks and Sadgrove.. history took over

Bit of an Update Tuesday 10.45 1723 views

Isobel Brookes Brand Campaign

I have just added an RSS feed from to the adjoining FaceBook Page ' Apt701' on this Project to my Wordpress Blog Ronniebirks

How come you know so much Ronnie?

Err..I don't, I just click everything sight

Good Morning SFN ers.... Well the publicity machine has been working through the night, not me, I've been do dos.. that is the beauty of the WWW It does it for you! whilst you sleep.

So what is going to come out of Ron's Big Mac today? Ah ha! Boat loads!!! We are working on the Pages for the new Art Department Online Mag Village Online, Pressing ahead with Blogs and Teeting like Tweets.. you should try it, it's great FUN!

For example the other day I Tweeted 'Knock Knock' and within seconds got the reply 'Hahaha Come in!' which actually cracked me right's soooooo funny. The response was from a Twitter follower Uli who is a highly talented Art director based in San Fransisco and works with her team on Blue Chip Accounts such as Guinness, as I did in the 70s ( check out the Smart ad )... If you see her portfolio you will realise that there is a whole new ball game out there that has totally harnessed the power of the web and Social Marketing ....very interesting stuff!

Read on. I heart SFN

Ronnie Birks

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Well everyone, It's been a long old day running the internet....tomoz is another day... Thanks to all out there especially Ulrike from San Fransisco...

Signing off for the night.... and you lot DON'T SIGN ANYTHING!

Sorry, have to drop this in Tweet-buddy Art Director San Fransisco!! Uli fuses old school creativity with today's Social Networking ( I'm a fan )

Hey Mirela!

1692 Views to date, not bad!! I have been getting some favourable responses from the States via Twitter.. this should still run for a while but I am swtiching my efforts to getting Village online off the ground...


Give me a shout if you need a hand uploading any Pics to the Art Dept Gallery....

Hi Mirela... thank you for your comments. I have just started a new post 'Village online' which I hope will be a magazine for artists ( etc ) in the Art Dept...I may need some help there!!!!

Have you joined the Art Department and the Darkroom? plus no end of interesting Groups...if you have the time... lol

wow so many viewers that is a great result Ronnie, well done!

very exciting things going on, what kind of help do you need promotionally?


very nice,classy and love the use of red as always