Braverman : More evil than Patel?

Keep it polite please everyone. No personal remarks.

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It was a post which fell well below your usual standard, that’s why!

hopeful x-rays… but I’ve posted on the wrong thread… :rofl:

Apologies if I offended anybody. Just responding to another author who tries to provoke me.
There are always two sides to a story and a multitude of views on any subject. My views are at odds with other commentators views on SF which I read but don’t feel the need to aggressively comment against.
There will always be the odd disagreeable reaction from others not able to accept alternative views whilst remaining civil.

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Strange that the civil servants with whom she works don’t share the same view as you.

The answer is in the question Jane……. Civil servants! She is the Minister, they do the bidding. They should not be the ones to make the policies.
I think that the main problem is that the U.K. Govt. needs to get a grip and tidy up the loopholes in their policies and tackle the outdated ECHR affiliation.
I may sound cruel and heartless to some of you, but when I would have liked to move to the USA in my youth or other friends to Australia, we were confronted by immigration rules. Economic migration was not a free-for-all, whereas it now seems to be so for anyone coming to the U.K. from perfectly safe countries like France, they only have to claim asylum for fear of persecution in their country of origin, to be processed and allowed eventually to enter.
It is the same for France, Italy, etc. Regular migration and honest asylum claims are one thing, but let’s stop being naïve and taking the cheats who exploit the system. They clog everything up by taking time and accommodation that the genuine claimants through the correct channels should be able enjoy.

I don’t believe that is true, because (a) you’ve adduced no evidence to support it and it sounds more like an assumption based on your political views and (b) decisions on asylum are made on established criteria which the UK, as a signatory to the 1951 Refugee Convention, applies.

More practically, the disaster of Brexit (and an ageing population) mean that, actually, we do need economic migration into the UK. Just as the CBI says, in fact!

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Rather a dog-in-the-manger attitude. And it isn’t really comparable - you and your friends wanted to leave a perfectly safe rich country like the UK, and couldn’t - presumably if you had had desirable skills, or been coming from a war zone, you would have got your visas. Now you live in France so why should it matter to you who wants to go to the UK, why don’t you live there yourself?


It was my baby for quite a few years, so distraught that I couldn’t save it.

I managed to move to the US in my youth in exactly the same way as TCNs can move to europe now. An employer who had advertised without success for an pAmerican employee. There was also the Green Card lottery.

My daughter and her husband moved to the US in 2016 via his company. It cost thousands of dollars to get their green cards done by the company attorney and he has since left that company and works for a big IT corporation now, but it was nailbiting as Trump shut down the applications from foreigners and their cards arrived within months of that deadline. They also had to submit to a homeland security interview. I don’t think ordinary people can just decide to emmigrate any longer without all the hassle it now entails and even those well qualified can never really be safe.

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And the NFU and the NHS and Social Services.

My sister ran a specialised nursery and employed all foreigners, mostly from the Baltic states because no locals even applied as it was manual, dirty work outside mostly planting and seed gathering and the company even supplied lodgings too! The brits prefer benefits and video games it seems but no manual labour was the impression it gave.

That is what Braverman refuses to acknowledge.
Head in the sand because it doesn’t fit with the Brexit result of making things better.

as for scrapping the Human Rights Act…


Excellent analysis.

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an interesting take on the legal aspects concerning asylum seekers rights to travel across “safe havens” before reaching their destination…
Undoubtedly being ignored by Braverman.

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Tory MP asks Cruella the perfect question… and she stutters and crumbles :roll_eyes:

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