Brexit deadlock - as Tusk says ‘special place in hell’ for Brexiteers with no plan

16 year olds will have to do a form of ‘National Service’ lasting a month, another of Manu’s great ideas.

The JDC sounds like a good idea… currently for 16-25’s…

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A colleague back in 2003 was French - younger than me, in his late 20’s or early 30’s at the time but he’d done national service - claimed it was the most pointless exercise in his whole life.

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Becase they are being told to.

If there is a European army how come so few people know about it?

@anon88169868 I posted the above in 2018 on another thread…

Of course, there will be some/many who gain nothing from NS, but I have seen that one good result, personally… and I reckon there are/will be others who benefit in one way or another…

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Well it is obvious isn’t it -… camouflage!


Macron is already calling 16 year olds to the army

Hilary I’m here in France with my two 16 year old sons. So far no call up. I assume they will, like their two older sisters do one day at a local barracks. My husbands and one of his brothers did national service. He spent it in Tahiti his brother went to Senegal and liked it so much he spent an extra three years there. His other brother opted out of military service altogether. Yes there is talk of a pan Europe défense force but you make it sound like enforced militarisation - where are you getting this slant of things from? I think you have been spun.


Depends where you start from I suppose. In the case of my colleague we are talking about an intelligent, university educated individual. Probably the furthest you could get from ideal “squaddie” material.

As you say, not everyone gains from enforced military service.

If the bullets start flying even university intelligent types might need to hold a rifle :innocent:

The generation of males who did national service in the UK are the ones who are the generation to be a lot of my patients. They still talk about it and reminisce about where they were , what they did etc. They all seem positive about it. Although perhaps not at the time

Maybe, but lets hope that it doesn’t come to that!

:rofl::joy::hugs: I know many university-educated, very intelligent people… wonderful lot… one had a certificate to prove he was sane, which he boasted about if we disagreed with him too much… :relaxed::joy::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::wink::hugs: He was a super chap… :hugs:

I have heard about the plans for it, been talked about by the EU for a long time.

Plans and being talked about is somewhat different from actually existing

…or become a career politician…

There’s always that option though :grin: My personal view is those politicians without service records are often quicker to send other peoples sons and daughters into foreign escapades. Unless, that is, they have little moustaches and one testicle.


So you are a personal friend of Rees Mogg, BoJo, Gove, Fox etc.

Your Grace, isn’t it a pity that the cheeky little ditty that you quote from isn’t better known?

Do you think I should reprise it on these threads for the delight and enlightenment of the young rookies of today, who may not have a clue who or what you’re talking about?

Of course, I have good reason for remembering it, which I won’t dwell on further. :roll_eyes::8ball::x::8ball::x:


who’s got marbles? anyone got marbles? best let it rest :slight_smile: I’m more interested now in your sub narrative.