Brexit going to be 'cataclysmic' for expats!


(Debra Archer) #62

It’s the umbrella organisation of the whole French healthcare system that covers everyone who is here legally, whether inactive or active (employed or self employed). Those who are active pay their cotisations via their employment or activity but could still be liable to supplementary cotisations to PUMA under certain circumstances.

Inactive people used to join via the CMU but that no longer exists since the advent of PUMA at the beginning of this year.

(Kate and John Fagalde) #63

Do you have a link Debra. I made a search for it and it only gives me sites with sports articles or animals. I know of Ameli which does what you are saying but not PUMA.

(Debra Archer) #64

ameli is the site with all the info and where you log in to your personal account but PUMA is the healthcare system. Search on and puma together and you’ll find the ameli page about it. I believe someone above has posted a link.

(Kate and John Fagalde) #65

Thanks Debra, I will look into it :smile:

(David Martin) #66

My link above takes you to the relevant page. Perhaps you hadn’t seen the connection between Protection Universal MAladie and PUMA.

(bawden claudia) #67

Hello Debra
All I know is my hubby applied for carte de sejour straight away. Back in the 90’s . The negotiations will fix all these issues. The approach to them has been arrogant like
" dont you try to punish us"
The team at the helm is not being reasonable. Their vociferations against Carney unbelievable. What do they get in Brexit? More US relationships? More world relationships? Did the EU prevent them at all? Officially and unofficially. Cannot understand except if the EU has failed abysmally.

(Kate and John Fagalde) #68

I understand now (old age ain’t no fun). Thanks Debra, thanks David

(Hilary Jane Dunk) #69

I really can’t add anything to what I have already contributed (links etc. to support my reasoning) to the whole topic of Brexit.

However, I have just posted as a seperate topic (to the General forum), a follow up to this,with a really valuable link, to a film made before the UK referendum, that explores what Brexit might look like, by interviews and discussions with the Norwegians, Swiss etc. It was made by some MEP’s from all party’s and Teresa May & Co must be aware of this and be exploring these options…

(User removed) #70

Hi Celia. I have still done nothing about applying for dual citizenship. Today’s news (the Trump Presidency) makes me even more nervous. I think that I will wait until after the next election in France, as I would not want to have dual citizenship with France, if Marine Le Pen were to become President. I know that it’s unlikely but Brexit and the American Presidency show that the world is moving crazily to the far right.

(Terry Cooper) #71

I missed the French governments reaction to the plight of expats…have they guaranteed our rights unconditionally?

(Valerie Skinner) #72

I’m confusing the issue - I meant the EU is giving far more consideration to the plight of migrants, discussing the citizenship programme and perhaps designated MEPs than the UK Government. The UK was perfectly capable of making a goodwill gesture of some sort instead of adopting the infamous ‘bargaining chip’ position. They appear to have taken an incredibly arrogant stance which serves no purpose except to create further divide. After they’d finished insulting the EU, there were also comments about Trump. The UK will end up ‘billy no mates’.

(Terry Cooper) #73

The UK government has stated, in parliament, that it will guarantee the rights of EU nationals currently resident in the UK, providing that other EU governments reciprocate. Could not be clearer?

It would seem a simple matter for the French government to confirm that they will adopt the same approach?

There is a view in the UK, from remain followers, that we should take the moral high ground (?) by conceding our negotiating position in advance of the negotiation.

As someone who voted “remain”, I understand the frustration of losing the vote, but it doesn’t require us to abandon our commonsense?

(Barbara Mulcahy) #74

We have to wait and see

(David Martin) #75

No government can do anything at the moment and the negotiations will never resemble a game of cards where it is important to hold your cards close to your chest.

(Valerie Addy) #76

Re: cost in France. My husband recently had a day surgery to remove a non malignant cyst about the size of an egg. We paid just under 100 euros at consultation but after the op we noted that the total cost to the consultant, anaethetist etc came to just under 900 euros which was covered by cpam 100% I assume he was exempt from because he is a pensioner. The thing is how can you compare when you do not know the NHS UK costs? (Apart from private costs).

(Peter Goble) #77

Hi Topcat

I don’t think it’s a matter of who is on the higher moral ground, whatever that means. Your question mark is appropriate: it’s not primarily a matter of values.

It’s more a matter of an attitude of cooperation and civilised behaviour, respectful of cultural and social differences as between two very closely related but proud and sometimes slightly haughty neighbours. Generosity of spirit and personal warmth, sometimes with a touch of teasing, works better than claims to moral superiority. The French, I have found, know this. I hope more British people, especially the Brexit negotiators, will come to understand that monter sur ses grands chevaux gets the same reaction ici as au-dela.

(Coralyn Bell) #78

I do agree with you about Jacob Reece- Mogg…excellent orator and he really knows his stuff!

(Neil Whitehead) #79

I thought healthcare between France and the UK was a national agreement and nothing to do with belonging to the EU or not.

(Tim Burton) #80

It wasn’t arrogance, simply the honestly held views of many people who had watched the character of their small towns alter dramatically in some parts of the UK. It is you that is being arrogant when you write so patronisingly of your countrymen and women. Nobody knows what the future holds but, when I see the petty nature of the comments from Jean Claude Juncker and note how the EU forced fisherman in our waters to throw back thousands of fish in pursuance of an insane fisheries policy I think we might be better off running our own country.

(David Martin) #81

Good luck running your country. I’m happy living in someone else’s.