Brexit humour

“You’re the ones who decided to leave. But you want us to change our Customs Union rules at great expense and inconvenience to attenuate the problems this would cause you? Otherwise you’ll jump?” Richard Corbett MEP.

What an appalling mess. I’ve never trusted Raab and to threaten the EU in this way when his boss said categorically that the UK will pay it’s dues speaks volumes about how much you can trust these people. It’s really going to impress the 27, don’t you think?


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This is not funny, but the comments are superb…

I didn’t read all the comments, but where the job description likens the EU Exit Programme… “as a layer of IT-enabled change that sits atop and across…” it reminded me of the layer of toilet paper one places on a toilet seat in a public lavatory so as to keep one’s bum from touching foreign germs. :scream::mask::space_invader:

Funny how some people’s minds work… :thinking::grinning:

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I used to live in Croydon, sadly…

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Was it Croydon made you sad, or were you living sadly already and Croydon didn’t cheer you up, Mark? :grinning:

Only asking :clown_face:

Have you never been there?

Used to go to gigs at the Greyhound in Croydon. Only bit I liked😉

Yes, me too back I the day. The “Cartoon” was also a good place to go for live music in the 90’s - Saturday lunchtime free admission when newer bands were auditioning :beer::beer::beer::beer:

Good question, Mark. I may well have been to Croydon, and it may have made no impression on me whatsoever, totally forgettable, which tends to reinforce your opinion of it.

It has a rather boring name, I admit :pensive:


:+1: :cry:




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Gosh… that takes me back… arm-wrestling… used to be popular down at our Local… :relaxed:

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On that note Paul here’s a discussion between an expert and a Brexiteer on trade after Brexit. This is not funny at all except that the expert, Jason Hunter, wipes the floor with an ignorant Brexiteer who can only spout rhetoric.

It’s gone viral on Twitter. Enjoy!


This made me chuckle:

Brexit Titanic