Brexit humour

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" The best argument against democracy is a five-minute coversation with the average voter "…Winston Churchill.
The tin of beans photo tickled me; though strictly speaking,they are another USA import. We lived near the factory and used to buy their old drums for horse feed stores.I can never look at an episode of Star Trek again, without breaking out laughing when they go into the galley…and are surrounded by ‘Heinz Beans’ drums…

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Back to “good old time”, battleship between Normand and British :flushed:

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Yes saw it this morning :frowning:

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Two things come to mind with the so called ‘scallops’ war… those of us old enough will no doubt remember the ‘cod wars’…
The British fishermen are calling for Royal Navy protection… :thinking: errr… using what? Are they really going to shoot at the French fishing fleet? Come on, grow up! The same happened with the ‘cod’ war. The British lost the argument as they will on this issue. The British are attempting to ‘steal a march’ on the scallops which the French are protecting for later fishing.
It’s outrageous and typical of British colonialism in this modern age.
Britain no longer rules the waves and the sooner the Brits recognise that fact and calm down, the better!

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I listened to a lovely BBC radio programme about what Brexit meant to the average man in the street. This one was set in a Bristol Channel village where the interviewer was talking to a local fisherman. The fisherman was complaining that, at that very moment Belgian boats would be offshore stealing their catch. The interviewer rounded of by commenting on the fact that the fisherman hadn’t seemed particularly keen to actually go out and catch a few fish himself and wondered if he knew that the Working Man’s Club building he was off to to have a few pints in was funded by an EU grant.
Many West Country fishermen will suffer under Brexit as they have no local market for a lot of their catch and currently export spider crabs etc to Brittany where there is a demand. Yet another trade that will be difficult and more time consuming in the future.

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my dream team :grinning:

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I wouldn’t want to travel in a lift with that lot.

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I would rather not be on the same planet as them…

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For those of you worried about health care post-Brexit, be assured that the French health service offers cures from chocolate overdose…

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Oh boy, I thought USA only made zillions of ‘Cheddar’ versions, apparently Greg has discovered mass produced freedom-feta. I wonder what that tastes like, having eaten USA cheddar for more than a decade I can only guess… Key word is ‘least’.
France has difficulties exporting cheese to USA, some sort of a trade war?

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Britain is right to hold firm on EU GIs. Why should we ban e.g. feta cheese from the USA, which tastes at least as good as EU feta & was introduced into the US by Greek-Americans & with same cultural heritage. # FreeTradeUK

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I particularly like the caricature of JRM hiding behind the tree :grin:

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I like BoJo’s shirt hanging out, couldn’t even get it’s keks up properly, :roll_eyes:

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Reminds me of that ******* game

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That is the fault of the local people who do not know what they are missing.
Sea urchins are similarly exported because we do not eat them here.

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Dilbert does Brexit - unintentionally, but this is the ERG position in a nutshell


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I find this quite humorous - if the situation wasnt so serious!

I particularly like the point made by May that “it would destroy trust in politicians” if another referendum were to be held!!!

This woman is so out of touch!!! Surely she must realise that trust was destroyed a long time ago - and each day that goes by makes that trust ever more difficult to get back!

You couldnt make it up,