Brexit.... squeaky bum time

This guy has a pretty good handle on what’s really going on…

As State Aid is proving such a thorny issue, I am left wondering where all this extra money is going to come from?


Gove heads for Munich… Sorry, Brussels.

Not looking good for a deal, Wednesday now seems to be the deadline.

One of the observations in Connelly’s article that I thought interesting was whether the skinny deal now being discussed is worth it to him considering the hassle he will get from the ERG and other hard Brexit types. IMO, Johnson considers himself first.

‘Boris Johnson’s lustre has faded’: European media dissect painful Brexit talks

Nice tweet from the Mirror…

Johnson has a choice: deal - and face the wrath of the Party (or at least the ERG but they can kick up a lot of the brown stuff for him) or face the country to explain why the supermarket shelves are bare (already evidence that several business sectors are having supply problems).

Of course this is Johnson so faced with a choice between avoiding only one of two negative outcomes he prevaricates in the hope that they will go away, only to make his decision too late to stop either.

Either way I can’t see him being PM for much longer. If there is any justice, history will not be kind.


The news seems to be that he is now willing “not to invoke the controversial parts of the IMB” in order to make progress :roll_eyes:
But it’s all puff… he just wants to be able to say the EU collapsed under pressure from Downing Street and then he’ll re-introduce the IMB anyway - lying little shit that he is.



Some progress, offending clauses in IMB now off the table.


Not sure that will hold much water in Brussels. A bit like me saying to my Bank, give me €1,000 and I promise not to steal €1,000 from you (today). :thinking:

UK: “I promise not to break the law”

EU: “Err, yes, that’s what you are supposed to do”.

Honestly though, anything which makes even the paltry deal on offer more likely is probably a good thing.

Hell spin it to say he got the better of the Eu

Of course.

Yes. But given his can kicking proclivities, would he prefer a kicking from the extreme Brexit Brigade for not walking away or next year pretending all the no-deal problems are actually COVID related?

Pain today or pain tomorrow, as an esteemed colleague of mine used to say.

Judgeing by comments on twitter if Johnson comes back with a deal which is anything short of the EU capitulating on all the remaining points (unlikely I suspect) then he’ll be ripped limb from limb1 by the fanatic Brexiteers in the ERG.

1] One hopes figuratively, rather than literally but a lot of Leave voters have wound themselves up very tightly with much anger - who knows what will happen.
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he’ll probably be found «oven ready» with devils on horseback stuffed up his arse :grin: :pray:

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I think the squeak is now so high pitched only dogs can hear it.

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