Britain Bullshit

Well I’ve heard some claptrap from Bigfoot Boris Johnson but this just about tops it off as the most unbelievable attempt to dodge a bullet spineless comment today.

".All restaurants, clubs, cafes and pubs must close when “they can” but will remain open for takeaways WHAT!!!

You couldn’t make it up…


You mean a bit like here, KFC and McDonalds have closed their restaurants but the drive-through remains open, our local fish and chips van has been given the okay by the Prefecture to carry on so we’ll partake next week.

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When you learn what goes on in the back kitchen of such places, it does kind of make you a little concerned…

Johnson is still trying to avoid actual decisions. Almost as though he had shady pay masters that he does not want to displease.



Some restaurants have turned themselves into takeaways too so they can keep an income flowing, so it’s not totally daft.

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Yes it is “daft” as you put it. Everyone in this World is in the same boat…lockdown means lockdown, why is Britain declaring immunity to such an idea…Bonkers and playing Russian roulette with peoples lives.

So why are takeaway outlets open here Jilly?


Jilly that is a misquote.
Cafes, pubs and restaurants must close from Friday night, except for take-away food, to tackle coronavirus - this to me means yes all are generally closed for sit-down. Any outlets ( and there will not be many pubs ), that do take-aways currently can stay open for take-away only.
It is removing social intimacy.

Yes i think he’s a knob too , but it’s better to at least be accurate.

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If people think the UK is not taking this seriously look at this live webcam from a beach in Florida -

Never seen one where I live and certainly wouldn’t want one either. So can’t answer your question, and perhaps your missing the point while your splitting hairs

Are you for real, you’ve never seen a McDonalds, KFC, pizza vans or kebab shops in France?

They have been asked to close tonight if they can, until tomorrow…listened to his drivel several times.

Why would I want to do that? Its rather bewildering to wonder why your defending Takeaways and using examples of Beaches in Florida as a comparison to what is happening in the UK. The Americans have their own cross to bear with another lunatic called Trump pulling the strings. Britain is an island, over populated and under resourced…certainly a much smaller and vulnerable country than the US to control in a proper lockdown.

Timothy, I didn’t come to France to look for and live from KFC, McDonalds or Kebab Vans. They exist everywhere in the World, even the Amazon !! So yes I’m very real.

They were asked to close when they can and not to reopen. The issue for me is the “when they can” doesn’t convey the right sense of urgency. Like closing the schools at COB Friday instead of at once. The pubs should have been closed from 17:00 - no debate.

I have the feeling that France is very fortunate to have President Macron at this time.
A lot of good decisions are being made very quickly.


Same here in Ireland. They are at least a week ahead of the UK in preparation.


Marina Hyde hits the Nail on the Head yet again.


A reincarnation of Canute the Great, perhaps?

Have you seen him lately? Grey, flaccid and drawn. No more jokes. Not so much fun when you actually have to try to do the job.

For f’s sake he really does not get it - we have a doubling time of 5 days or so, in a month it gets 64 times worse (so from 4000 cases to 256000 cases), in two months 4096 times worse (16384000 cases) and due to the incubation period any tightening takes at least 5-7 days to filter through.

Italy is overwhelmed

China only stopped it (IF they stopped it, but lets assume they are being honest) by massive lockdown.

It needs reviewing twice a week, not once a flipping month.