British Embassy Outreach event

If they seriously expect me/whoever to ask for the S1… after all these years of normal usage… they obviously have nothing better to do…

Nope, I’m staying in France and its surrounding countries… no need to cross the Channel.

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Being able to show an S1 is more an issue for frontaliers.

Most of the NHS knows that elderly people very often have reserved rights and so it would be rare to need proof. The medical places in UK I have been in last few years have just asked a basic question as to whether I am eligible for NHS services. When I say yes they have never asked for more!

The last one was on 29th September, does and one has the date for the next one and a link for it?
A friend of mine wants to participate…has a driving licence problem and he can’t get though to DVLA get an answer

Not that I have any time at all for Facebook as I’ve said before, but depending on the urgency and how difficult his issue is, they do seem to have some kind of weekly Q&A via Facebook where you can leave a comment and they will then answer some. Just a thought as a possible alternative until they get a new event scheduled @strudball.

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I was just about to post more or less the same thing, @kirsteastevenson ! However, although they declare that there is this weekly Q&A session, I can’t find how you access it - Facebook or Twitter or what! Seems to be open for 6pm to 8pm on Mondays… if you can find it, that is…

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Looking at the previous weeks, it seems like, as far as this Facebook Q&A thing goes, people literally just ask their questions as comments on the page, this one seems to be the most recent, then at some indeterminate time in the future someone from the embassy goes through them and replies. But I have considerably less knowledge than both of you on this stuff as I’ve not even managed to catch a single outreach event, and I don’t have a personal Facebook to know that side of things either! :see_no_evil::joy:

Seems that if you don’t use Facebook you are disenfranchised…so that includeds me

I don’t use Facebook either but my account is still there from when I had a page for the business. To be honest, I find navigating it or making sense of the posts extremely difficult. I don’t really think you are missing anything @strudball since most of the replies seemed to be along the lines of “look at our Living in France page on the government website” - so much so in fact that people were pre-empting that response by saying “Please don’t give me a link to the Living in France page. I’ve already read though it several times and the answer to my questionis not there” :rofl:

I am also wondering how fair is it for a government’s official source of information to be provided only on one particular platform that is not neutral and over which there are many concerns about inability to avoid violation of privacy of people who sign up to it.


Well you can always just email them directly. And anything they put on the FB page as Angela says is basically the same as their anodyne Living in France guide.

  • The embassy of the United Kingdom in Paris is located at 35 rue du Faubourg St Honoré and can be contacted by telephone on [1 44 51 31 00](tel:1 44 51 31 00) as well as by email The consular section shares location as well as telephone number and email address with the embassy.
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