British French “Resident” traveling back to France in the new year

Has anyone recognised the “interesting outcome” of getting a stamp in your passport as you enter France in early 2021.
I assume this will only happen if you have forgotten your biometric WA residents card or proof of your application for it is not excepted by French Border Force. However how do you stop an enthusiastic stamper?
I understand a number Brits living in the EU are talking of the need to return to the UK in December and then come back to the EU in January.
This After Brexit Brit with a WA biometric permanent residents card will not be budging until it has all calmed down.
Any thoughts?

It is laid out that if you don’t have your WA card (which as far as I know is not biometric, just a photo-card?) you can either present the attestation you received when you submitted your application, or proof of address and residence.

So seems fairly organised either way. And surely you just have explain to stop an enthusiastic stamper?

However, after the end June 2021 only the WA residence card will be accepted as a reason not to stamp your passport which should make it easier.

And don’t forget that from 1st January the UK becomes a “third country” so travel from the UK will be for “essential reasons only” because of Covid-19.

Unless, of course, things change…

However return to primary residence should be allowed (says he, hopefully).

I’ve given up on getting to our house though - not even sure we’ll do it before Easter but we’re still holding out a little hope for Feb half term.

Getting home (in whatever country) will surely be counted as “essential reasons” for travelling … :upside_down_face: :wink:

Why not apply for a CdS?

The WA card is Biometric, well the one I have, from Luxembourg, is.
Why would they have taken my fingerprints? On the reverse is a similar jumble of Blah similar to my passport.

Mainly because I spend max 6 weeks in France per year so I don’t think they’d give me one?

At some point, if I still can, I’d like to retire to France - but we’re still talking 10 years.

This is the front

The French CdS I have is not biometric. There is no scannable icon as there is on my passport and on your Luxembourgian one (at topover to left). But they took my fingerprints so they are on record and can be matched to my name if I do something heinous, or get run over by a bus.

ToryRoo has her new one. Is it biometric Tory?.

If anyone is genuinely worried about proving they’re resident between now and when they receive a CDS, surely the best approach is just to take is the one we’ve all learnt to take when dealing with french bureaucracy; take every piece of evidence you could possibly need, then add in half a dozen more for good measure. As much as I’m sure the customs people will want to do their job diligently, they’ll also want to do it efficiently, especially as they’ve been used to getting people through as fast as possible until now. If on top of all the standard things we all use, utility bills, tax statements etc, people start waving their bank statements at them to prove that every Monday they go to Leclerc, and every Wednesday they go to their favourite cafe, every Friday they fill up their car at the local petrol station etc and the evidence is there in black and white so they must be resident, they will likely very quickly agree and move you on without the stamp :rofl:

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Youshouldn’t need masses of documents, one can easily get an attestation de residence for free from the mairie - mine’s a simple statement of my address in the commune with the maire’s signature, dated and over-stamped in a couple of places.

I think the discussion is about traveling, not getting home!

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sorry for any confusion caused by my comment… it was in reply to @anon88169868

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Yes it is, a little gold bug thing on the back!

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Oh, is that what it is… I was looking and looking at my card… it’s got lots of stuff and certainly a gold bug… :upside_down_face: :wink:


What gold bug? Photo please.

This has been posted on a Brit in Italy page but no link to source.

Looks like this? you probably have one on your UK passport unless it is old


Apparently one of the documents you can flourish, if you don’t have the CdD or proof of application, is your avis d’imposition - if you pay tax and have your online tax account set up you can print it out.

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