British man to be deported from Denmark

I’m guessing that Denmark are making a point.

However, quite how this guy failed to know about the deadline is beyond me.


“Under the withdrawal agreement, any EU citizen in the UK or British citizen in an EU member state could remain in the country with residency, employment and social welfare rights. Denmark set a deadline of 31 December 2021 for residency applications, but both Russell and Hill say they received no communication to that effect.”

I received no personal communication telling me about Brexit… and what to do to remain in France legally… yet I still managed to follow the correct route, within the deadlines.

Seems the chap has a “Cybersecurity career”… yet failed to note what has been splashed near and far… over the internet and in the Press… etc etc :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:


I can only assume that he is so fully integrated that he doesn’t even do what we all do by taking part in this forum. If all his workplace friends and local friends are all Danish perhaps and his prospective in-law family all wrapped up in their impending celebration, it is perfectly possible to assume that your life can continue unabated. He could have been living and working there for over 20 years, much like me, and if the Danish authorities were lax in any way, missing the deadline is understandable.

I can’t remember from which source I learned what I had to do, but I do know that I wasn’t particularly exercised by the approach of a deadline.

@Stella My son is an IT teacher and very up on all such technical matters, but he is the worst person I know regarding communication. :roll_eyes:

Not just online, but the UK gov took out adverts in newspapers and encouraged local administrations to contact their British residents. Because I was on the electoral roll I got a letter.

If this man was sufficiently clued up to vote remain then he knew about Brexit, and so did his Uk family. Seems procrastination may have had a role to play, and lack of realisation that a deadline is a deadline.


Yeah, total lack of PERSEC on his part.

You’d had to have been living under a rock for the last 4 years to be a Brit that didn’t know that we were becoming TCNs in the EU.

Oh, I worked in mobile telecoms for 20 years and comms folks are the absolute worst at communicating anything to anyone via any means.

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Thread drift warning.

Back in the 1990s a business that I co-ran bought a small private exchange thingy (PBX?) to handle the 4 phone lines we had. BT installed the system but it was actually a finance company (appointed by BT) who we had the deal with, to spread the cost.

The rep failed to get a signature in a certain box on the paperwork, so the finance deal never worked. BT then tried to get us to pay all the money in one lump - we refused, citing the finance deal, which BT were totally unable to remedy, despite us sending copies of the incomplete paperwork.

This farce went around & around every 6 months or so & nobody seemed to be able to talk to anyone else about it. We never paid for the kit…

2 Likes,European%20Union%20several%20years%20later.

This one is a 47 year old Financial Services Administrator… also with fiancée…
actually, I’m wondering if the 2 stories have got combined/muddled as similar details in both…

the other was 37 years old computer chappie… also with fiancée

Having been dragged into a “Who pays for this?” agreement over a leased BT fibre connection for a test base station we had in the lab, I totally feel your pain.

IT didn’t know what it was (for an under the radar test program in partnership with EE U.K.) and IT security didn’t want it in the building as they couldn’t access it.

It was being paid for out of an old bank account linked to a department that no longer existed. Getting hold of the correct BT Jobsworth was tricky. Convincing him and our Finance Jobsworth to sort out payment involved a spell cast by a Level 50 Wizard and threats of directing every test call made by Apple engineers in Europe to both Jobsworth’s bosses.

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“The financial services administrator moved to Denmark to be with his fiancee in October 2020, three months before the Brexit transition period ended in December 2020.”

so why did he miss the deadline 31/12/2021 for putting in his application for CdS ???

(I know genuine elderly/disorientated cases who have successfully made late-application… but with medical evidence to support their dossier.)

I’m very surprised to read that, Stella. The F & C.O. and the relevant Embassies published a continuous stream of info and advice. The one they [Paris Embassy] sent out most frequently - seemingly every week, in my recollection - was “Apply for residency by …” Apply, Apply, Apply. This stream of advice and info arrived in my inbox on a daily basis.

In the case of these guys, failing to sign up to these sources of info was negligent. Failing to apply by the published deadlines was very foolish.

With such far-reaching consequences, including marriage, hanging on getting the dots joined up to stay in any EU country, these guys seem to have waste matter for brains.

We were fortunte, here in FR, that the Interior Min seemed to bend over backwards to ease the way for Brits. I don’t doubt the Danes were at least not obstructive and possibly as helpful as the French, but without the two application deadline extentions the FR came up with. I suspect the number of Brits who applied in DK was a fraction of the Brits in FR.

“a breach of the spirit of the withdrawal agreement to protect EU citizens’ rights”. But Brits, post 00:01/01/01/ 2021 were no longer EU citizens. That’s the point. And, spirit or no spirit, governments decide on deadlines for all manner of actions - applications for residency, payment of dues and taxes, registrations of imported cars …

I have it on my calendar: 15/12/2022 - due date for payment of Taxe Fonc … If I miss it, maybe The Grauniad will come up with some sob story as to why I shouldn’t pay any penalty.

My words relate to the “complaint” made by the Brits in Denmark… that they received no "personal communication "
(If you read the article you’ll see what I’m talking about…)

As I say, I cannot remember receiving a “personal communication”…
but it made no difference… I knew what to do and how to do it…
The Press, Internet etc etc was awash with information…
and I applied at the very first opportunity… the moment the online Portals opened… along with +++thousands of others…

Neither did we. But, as you say, everywhere awash with info - but then the Brit community in France is relatively large, so even if not reading stuff in French it was hard to miss the English info. I wonder if there wasn’t quite the same interaction in Denmark?

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One would have thought any Brit employed in Denmark (or elsewhere in the EU) might have just stuck their head around the door to the HR dept. and asked “Is this Britain leaving the EU thing going to affect my staying here to work for you?”

You’d have to be thicker than a whale omelette not to grasp that not being an EU citizen meant not having FoM.


Amount of sympathy from me: none.

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I’ve been reading quite a bit, here and there, about these threatened Danish deportation cases…
Thinking about it… if I had missed the CdSWA deadline, for whatever reason, I’d probably be just as vocal as they are and possibly blame everyone but myself… just as they are.

I wouldn’t want to be chucked out… and they don’t either…
so I’ll cut 'em some slack and hope that all turns out for the best.

I really would like them to admit that it’s NOT Denmark’s fault… and then, perhaps, Denmark will be generous and forgiving…

maybe not…


I didn’t want to say before though will now, Denmark is a country which is deporting people to the safe country of Syria (evidently no flights however?)

so, as said ‘maybe not’

Now I need to research where France deports people to.

On the face of it the Brit has been told to go… and he’ll go back from whence he came… Britain.

He’s not being forcibly marched out of the country…

Tbh given the torrential rain here in the south west for the last two weeks, Syria sounds ok…


Hopefully someone can save his bacon.