British retirees in EU will lose free healthcare under no-deal Brexit

If you read down, it’s maynot will…everything is still open to change.

Exactly. Highly unlikely.

As I posted yesterday if the S1 is withdrawn then those pensioners already here (not just pensioners by the way) will have recourse to PUMA !

We’re already part of PUMA - it’s just that the UK pays. There isn’t a separate thing that S1 people join.

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No but it may put peoples minds at rest if they know that their healthcare won’t be withdrawn overnight leaving them without any cover.


Don’t people know that? I thought the fear was the cost of the cotisation for those who are above the CMU-C level but only have a modest income so the extra 8% off their income will hurt a lot.

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Jane there have been so many scare stories abounding that people are getting confused over what will happen.
It doesn’t help either that the UK isn’t giving any clear ideas of what will happen to those of us who live in Europe after Brexit.
Only have to look at some of the posts on here to realise that there are also some ‘newbies’ who need help and information with how to ‘get into the system’…
All in all Brexit is just a nightmare that goes on and on …


The worst part of this is the uncertainty and the vote last night does nothing to assuage that.
It is causing a great deal of worry and actually making people ill.
We have been totally forgotten by the members of the ERG, Rees Mogg was looking to buy a house for £5 million to be nearer Westminster.
These people are appalling and should be called out.
There is so much talk of what will happen to people in the UK , but not a peep about us.


Having had an interview at the prefecture to get the CDS and having had to produce all manner of paperwork including an attestation that we have SÉCU cover, I think that people who are more recently arrived are going to struggle and given the British govt’s utter lack of regard for overseas residents, I can completely empathise with the uncertainty that many people are facing.


I have just heard that on Radio 4 that the EU’s deadline is March 29 whereas TM is being called to deliver her new deal in a fortnight.
If, as expected, she has nothing new to offer, there should be a bote in the House to take No Deal off the table.

Yes There are new arrivals to France on here, like me! We bought our house last summer and have been here permanently since October. To be fair, with Brexit going on, we did expect that there would be a few bumps along the way to begin with, made more complicated perhaps by being “early retirees”. However, whilst I have learned a lot on here​:+1::+1:,( and enjoy reading the banter as well, except when it appears to get personal to individuals), I have trawled the internet (so far in vain ) looking for an up to date check list type guide for newbies, (importing car, health care, tax procedures etc.) Any ideas?

TM cannot simply ‘take no-deal off the table’, the government or parliament would have to get A50 extended and agree a deal to avoid ‘no-deal’, that’s it.

He found it and moved in…

He’s also moved his hedge funds to Dublin.

JRM is a shareholder in an investment company that has opened an office in Dublin.

It is clear that TM’s plan is to either a) hope that the EU capitulates on the backstop (good luck with that one) or b) that parliament, faced with the prospect of no-deal vs May’s deal realises that the latter is the least awful option.

I think there is a fair chance of plan b) working - it “delivers Brexit”, pushes the can down the road for another 2-4 years, and avoids the short term economic harm of no-deal.

The only danger is if Labour make it clear they are not going to support May’s deal - in which case expect the ERG not to back it either. May will take it too close to the wire to avoid no-deal if there is no consensus on a deal, in which case the ERG could decide to derail it if they can so that we crash out which is what they want.

JRM’s personal wealth is over £100million, he can weather the storm. the rest of us will have to take our chances.

There is no chance of TM’s original deal ever passing as the ERG and the DUP will never back it due to the backstop and neither give a damn about leaving with ‘no-deal’. Labour could change tack and support a second referendum which would get them off the hook with the a majority of the voting public as the Tories alone would then get blamed for a ‘no-deal’ Brexit.

Don’t you just love tribal politics.

Me too, bought in late August and have been finding it a bit daunting in ensuring I am completing the things I need to do.

  • CDS - seems impossible at the moment to get a RDV at Perigueux plus my husband has applied for Irish passport as back up.
  • Tax Fonciere - Local tax office know we are here and will send us a bill
  • Social Security number - applied for (in person and told all docs OK), awaiting postal reply to get SS number and then apply for Carte Vitale. In the meantime have taken out full health insurance.
  • Car - waiting for Certificate of Conformity, then get CT and re registration
  • Tax - am getting round to that one!

Any suggestions of what I have missed more than welcome!

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enjoy France…

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