British retirees in EU will lose free healthcare under no-deal Brexit

Driving licence needs to be changed to a french one. Taking a few months to do at the minute.

thank you Sue, much appreciated.

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Thank you Graham, I think we are doing ok on that score, just need my husband to finish tarting up the house in the uk now, sell and be done with all that… and quite pleased we will have seen the winter through.

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There are some useful groups on Facebook that have all that information for expats.

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15 Million people are killed, injured or infected every year due to MD directed medicine (CDC). Allopathic Medicine is a God send when it comes to acute trauma but a ridiculous, anti-science, quasi religious joke when used for ‘Health Care’. The only ones that will suffer will be the drug dealing monopoly that will lose its cash cow as people will be compelled to learn true health practices. Bye bye NHS…

That’s a pretty meaningless statement. 15 million in the world? That about 0.6% of the population. In the US? That’s about 4% of the population. And what percentage were due to known and evaluated risks - like when you accept a treatment for cancer that you know may cause other problems, but the risk:benefit ratio is worth it to you? And what percentage were due to the simple fact that if you stick a lot of sick people together in a hospital bugs will spread?

Iatrogenic diseases are of course to be avoided, but I’m happy to live in a time and place where my life expectancy is over 50 thanks to modern medecine.


Not a statement. It’s a statistic.

A single number, 15 million, is not a statistic. It is just a number unless related to a specific data set. 15 million of French population is huge, 15 million of the world population is miniscule. But by itself 15 million means nothing so it just a statement.

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When i was a nurse in the early '80’s the only time i ever remember patients getting bugs from each other was on elderly wards, and that was not often.
On general wards basic health care and hygiene was so strict and visiting times regimented , aseptic technique properly used and hospital food good and nutritious, fluid charts carefully filled in and sisters in charge ran a tight ship, hospital cleaning thorough and beds cleaned by nurses from top to bottom when a patient was discharged. All these factors and proper handwashing meant germs were contained pretty effectively.
Prevention is better than cure and the NHS needs to go back to basics.


There’s a lot to be said for cleaning…I should have said I don’t want to go back to an era pre-drugs and understanding of hygiene/sanitation.


It might be worth noting that the AME card is around for those with low incomes.

Vous pouvez bénéficier de l’AME si vous êtes ressortissant étranger en situation irrégulière en France (hors Mayotte où l’AME n’est pas applicable) et que vous remplissez les conditions suivantes :

  • vous résidez de façon stable, c’est-à-dire de manière ininterrompue depuis plus de 3 mois en France (métropole et départements d’outre-mer, excepté Mayotte où l’AME n’est pas applicable) ;
  • vos ressources ne dépassent pas un certain plafond (le même que celui de la CMU complémentaire).

Plafond annuel de ressources (au 1er avril 2018) 2 personnes : 14 563 €

A UK state pension is just under this amount for a single person. A bit touch and go, but might be worth thinking about, particularly id teh GBP sinks any lower.

Is AME for anyone from elsewhere, or just non-europeans? I know a friend who is a refugee gets it, but didn’t realise europeans were eligible?

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Data set: people killed injured or infected by MD directed medicine. Like I said. It’s a statistic not a statement.

I guess you don’t understand my question then? Repeating that 15million is the data set doesn’t get any further…data sets have parameters.

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Parameters: killed, injured or infected.

I give up.


12 million people were killed in Nazi prison camps.

28 million people were killed during Stalin’s modernization of Russia.

60 to 80 million people were killed in China’s Great Leap forward.

And 15 million people a year are killed, injured or infected by MD directed medicine.

There is nothing to give up.

If there is no need data sets for the first three statistics there no for data sets for the last.

If the last statistic can be categorized as a meaningless statement than so can the previous three.

Totally different. In the first three statements it is completely obvious what population the figure refers to, and they are one-off (one hopes) events.

To explain once again. If the 15 million applies to the population of the world then each year some 0.6% of the world population are affected, which is a tiny, tiny figure and a tiny, tiny risk. And probably less than the risk of being killed or injured in many other ways. Of course if you happen to be one of the people affected it is awful, but at a population level it is reasonable given the benefits.

So unless you say to which population the figure refers the statement is meaningless. For example, if it referred to the population of france it would be an appalling risk.


So many people like to spout half truths just to hold someone up for ridicule. He can buy a house where he likes as long as it is his money and it is the compnay that he is part of that made the business decision not to put all their eggs in one basket. The majority of people do this all the time with credit cards and bank account in order to get the best for their money. Shareholders (ordinary people) expect their investments to grow so are happy to go along with this action.

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Of course he can. As a private individual and a businessman he can do what he likes.
But he decided to get involved in politics.
Politicians are supposed to take decisions that are in the best interests of the public, and that includes the “ordinary people” who don’t have any investments and who are happy if they can keep their heads above water and manage not to get overdrawn at the bank before their next paycheck arrives. They don’t have any spare eggs to shift around between baskets, and they rely on politicians to make sure the few eggs they do have don’t get broken.
When a politician says that Brexit is best for the country, and then starts taking his eggs own out of that particular basket, it’s hard not to question his integrity.