British TV to Europe to end?

I’ve read this in the national press:

Any expats continuing to enjoy their favourite television programmes from home should brace themselves – it may become harder for them to watch UK channels abroad.

British TV and video-on-demand providers will no longer be able to offer their service across Europe unless they relocate part of their business to an EU member state.

Is this serious?

Given that British TV is only legally accessible by British TV licence payers I’m not quite sure what they are driving at.

Pretty certain they’re not going to get the shuttle to pop up and apply a spanner or two to the Astra transponders.

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Terrestrial channels like BBC and C4 are only available in the UK (and to licence payers) but there are hundreds of other channels and other content providers based in UK. And many production companies that currently work across europe…

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how much of a loss would it be to lose the ability to watch the Addams family at Château de la Motte and chav violence on Eastenders?
France has some wonderful cultural programs on TV ripe for broadening your mind and outlook besides helping you to integrate with the wonderfully rich French language in your living room.
Abandoning estuary-ease couldn’t be more alluring…


And if you want to watch American dross, well, France caters for that too (sometimes even in VO) Win, win ! :-/


Roger’s post specifically addressed watching British TV.

Although you are quite correct - it will be harder for UK production companies to work in Europe, just as it will be harder for British actors, musicians and technicians to do so.

There might be other channels - but your licence covers the legal right to watch all broadcast material, not just BBC, ITV, C4 & C5 - Freesat explicitly note that it is not legal to watch outside the UK.

My point was just that leaving the EU shouldn’t affect watching British TV all that much - its legal status won’t change from “legal” to “not legal”, for instance because it wasn’t legal in the first place.

About the only thing I can think of is that UK businesses who sell solutions to those in the EU in order that they might watch UK TV will no longer be able to do so.

Britbox’s business plan might take a hit though. Though I suppose it is all VO.

Sorry Graham, UK tv is the best on the planet which is borne out by the amount of programmes sold to every corner of the world.

Where did I say any different @tim17
You need to read what I did say :roll_eyes:
If dreary chav stuff is your thing… UK tv is the place to go. These days, I have more aspirational viewing requirements.
Besides, the thread is about TV to Europe by which I gather is meant to suggest the receipt of TV channels… Only today, I watched 2 BBC sponsored programmes on France5 TV which were excellent viewing!

How can anyone have aspirational viewing requirements. :rofl:


You can mock… if that is your best shot, you must still be recovering from over indulgence :yawning_face:
I did mean inspirational - but you knew that already. You just wanted to score cheap points :roll_eyes:

To be fair, I got hooked on the french remake of the BBC ‘Cash in the Attic’ format Tresor dans votre maison at one point. :see_no_evil: It may be dreary chav stuff, but clearly the french lapped it up too or they wouldn’t bother spending time and money remaking it over here with french presenters and participants :joy:

But equally, chiffres and lettres is a French format borrowed by the UK from the French and translated to Countdown. As is The Wall from the French program Le Mur so it cuts both ways.

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Stop bickering you lot - it’s Christmas!


Somehow I doubt that our subscription free UK television by satellite is going to go all blank overnight.

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As we’ve seen by recent events, deals are there to be done!

My late wife was a great fan of les Chiffres et les Lettres. The timing was perfect for me to slip off for an apero avec les mecs.

She was also a member of the local competitive scrabble club.

Exactly :joy:

It might go blank if they change satellites as they did a few years ago.

Hopefully this means the complete loss of the Marxist BBC and Channel 4