Broadband speed limited since Sunday evening

James, it is called load balancing :rofl:

Wait, wait, alternatively…Schrödinger’s broadband ?

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My cousin has SFR via a landline and we have Alsatis via WiMAX. I can access both from our living room. Neither is very fast but WiMAX can sometimes download at over 9 Mbps. Neither has altered much during the current lockdown.

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I am but on my smartphone. Too many people at home on "lock-down"using the phone too often, so too much traffic on the network … ?

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If you live in the countryside you should be looking for an antenna of Bouygues. It is considered the best in that circumstance.

There is - from a company called Ariase - a manner in which to find the antennas servicing your area. That web-site is here.

Welcome to the forum Joe. The link you gave to Ariase is good for a mobile but for an internet connection you have to go to Ariase home page. Unfortunately we are in a white zone for internet so that’s why I use WiMAX.

Internet speed depends mostly upon the time of day and the means of interconnection. The fastest is by far a fiber-optic connection but - for the moment - that is available only in large cities. It’s coming to the countryside towns, but fiber-optic links must be laid and especially into the “boonies of France”.

The next fastest and most redundant presently is the 4G sometime soon hopefully to be 5G - and for that you must find an antenna closest to you.

To do that, I suggest you start here: - which you engage in that white bar in the upper right-hand corner where you put first you 5-digit postal code and then the name of the town.

Lo and behold, a map will then pop-up below to show you what the different antennas are around your address. (Changing any of the parameters on the screen is highly non-advisable.)

What next? Look for a 4G offer on the internet. They are in abundance. You might want then to start here. The site is called “Comparateur Forfaits” (compare flat-rates).

(It’s all in French! Surprise, surprise … ! ;^)

I know exactly where the nearest mast is Joe and we’re pretty close to it, the problem is the Bouygues 4G box we have. Our 4G phones (again connected to the Bouygues network) are much faster so when the speed from the box dips we ‘hot spot’ the phone.

How does that work @tim17 ?
Is it possible to use the Bouygues 4G box to enhance a poor mobile signal inside a property and if so, how?
The reason I ask is that we have a friend (yes I do have some friends) who has his 4G box right in the eaves of his house which gives a good line of sight to the nearest mast. He can use such as WhatsApp to telephone friends and rellies using the wifi signal internally and it works really well but his telephone signal in the house from the same mast is dire so takes out using it to phone other than WApp contacts.

Perhaps I’ve not explained myself well enough. We have two 4G phones on the Bouygues network and also a Bouygues 4G box, the phones always give us a faster speed so that’s why we often use them instead of the box. We asked Bouygues if we could change the box for a newer model but they refused so we either ditch Bouygues and go with someone else or just suck it up.

Which model Box do you have? ours is a B528 AFAIK this is the current model.

It was on the Araise-site many years ago that I found my smartphone account (with Bouygues). The French press seems to indicate that for the countryside it is better than either Orange or SFR.

By pure happenstance I have line-of-sight with the antenna about 2 kilometers off in the distance. So, aside from the present condition I’ve always had very good speeds. (I find it is VERY important to know where the closest 4G-soon-5G antenna is and nowadays one can order off the Internet site and receive the reception-emission antenna (as shown here by mail).

In your photo, the box on the left is the B528 model and IIRC the one on the right is the older model. Which one have you in use? The photo suggests that the laptop is connected to the old version…

We live in the rural area of Sud-Gironde where Orange have recently rolled out their Fibre service - It took them months to plant the cables. Before we were lucky to get 5 or 6 Mbps - This was our speed a few minutes ago - We are very lucky compared to the problems encountered by others.

We’ve got the older model.

I don’t recall putting any photo on this site.

But, in fact, what I do have is two computers each connected separately by means of DLANs to the Bouygues 4G antenna …

Interesting. Then this photo in your post #31 is not your photo - remarkable…

Oupppps … !

What is your real name?


still confused, sorry.
I have a Bouygues B528 box as shown on the left in your photo and there is nothing connected to the LAN port (the upper one) only the power.
The other box appears to be the older version Bouygues 4G offereng and its not clear if anything is connected to that either (both the LAN port and the Phone port are vacant) :question:
What is your real name by the way… it’s a condition of the site and you’re likely to get pulled if you keep ignoring the site owners which would be a shame…

I was in a Bouygues shop about a month ago, and the tiny-model antenna attracted me (because the “big one” is, uh, “big”). Anyway, I asked if there was any real difference in performance, and was told “Not one bit!”

What really matters (for the Internet) nowadays is “geography”. One MUST be located near a 4G-antenna for the best performance from any of the three main suppliers (Orange, Bouygues or SFR).

Or, tweak reception by adding a better antenna with much more height (and the necessary electronics) that will receive a better signal before transmitting it to computers over a powerline-network-adapter. Which, of course, is not inexpensive …