Broadline - new cat flea, tick and wormer now avaiable in France

This is a new treatment from Merial(makers of Frontline) who claim to have listened to the problems related to Frontline.

Here is their blurb -

We have successfully used it in Chats du Quercy Rescue Centre with no side effects so far but I am always wary as 2 of my own cats are allergic to Frontline.

It is about 8€ per treatment which isn't too bad as it is a wormer too, but it doesn't do ear mites, can't have everything I guess!

8€ a treatment sounds like a bargain, we currently pay 20€ a month for our two cats at the vets, don't know what it is but anything we buy off the shelf never works.

Plus the high aluminium content was said to contribute to the possibility of diseases including cancers. Aluminum is a neurotoxin contained in some common childhood and adult vaccines and some scientific research has shown that for reactive individuals it exceeds the toxicity of mercury in the human body. Veterinary scientists followed the lead of human research and have found cell mutation caused by the toxin which may cause allergic reactions, liver cancer and other possible problems.

Many people were reporting an allergic reaction including chemical burns along the shoulder area of the cat, I'd been treating my own cats for years but a couple fo years ago 2 of them had this reaction, which just kept spreading (due to the nature of the product) and was very painful for the cats.

My vet hasn't heard about it (yet) so perhaps I'll try a neighbour to go to theirs and see.

What are the problems with Frontline? That's what I used to use on my 4 (the dog gets a tablet, so convenient). But last time the vet gave me something for them which deals with fleas/ticks/worms and obviously I can't remember what it is called.

It is only available from vets Brian. They come in packs of 3 for about 24€, which is it does the worming as effectively as a tablet, will work out cheaper on the whole.

Lynn, I can't find a local source or online. Where do you find it.

I have had a look at the FAO site to see if they have anything up about it but, strangely enough, came across something the Red Cross said about it a couple of months back. They are naturally more concerned about the effect on human beings. However they did mention the fact that the aluminium content other treatments have is absent.

It really depends on the individual cat Celia.

I used to favour Stronghold for our allergic cats as it treats for worms too but not ticks, so I'm hoping this new Broadline will be a better all round treatment.

Oh, I just bought Eliminall by Phizer from my vets. Never used it before but the tick problem here is very bad and apparently that is the best product. I hope it won't produce a bad reaction, one of my ragdolls has problems with just about everything!

We’ve been using Broadline on our cat for the last 3 months( frontline previously). She still has some fleas and this morning can see a couple just above her nose. Is flea free a ridiculous expectation? Very difficult to pick her up as she used to be feral, but she does scratch a lot and pull her fur out too. She spends the majority of time outdoors so I suppose she might be reacting to other things biting her.

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I’m surrounded by farmland with cattle and sheep so I think that my cat will never be free of fleas or ticks.
I actually asked the vet what would be a good tick treatment, she was very honest and said that while treatments for dogs worked well, there was a way to go before there would be an effective treatment for cats.
For fleas and fur pulling, I bought a brush for a babys hair and now brush Kitty twice a day. Took her a while to get used to this as she is semi-feral and sometimes will bite if she doesn’t want to be handled. She is not pulling her fur now and the scratching is less and so are the fleas.
I have found giving her a little treat just after brushing works too !

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I’m probably being unrealistic then. She actually doesn’t mind being brushed so maybe I’ll do it twice a day. She had her latest flea treatment yesterday and showed her appreciation by gouging a piece of my hand. Wouldn’t even have a cheesy treat afterwards!

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Cats are so bloody ungrateful aren’t they??!! Maybe you should get a flea comb Chris if she doesn’t mind brushing. It will take out any rogue fleas and then you crush them against the comb or trap them in tissue or drown the buggers in a bowl of water.

Ours looks a bit like this. If the cat will allow you to use it it’s very effective. I don’t use flea treatment I just use the comb regularly.


Yes, totally ungrateful. I tell her it’s for her own good but she just looks at me with dilated pupils of hate!
Will try a comb though as we’ve not got one😾


I tried a comb with Kitty, did not go down well, claws out and spitting led me to a hasty retreat ! :pouting_cat::pouting_cat:


What a shame Ann. My 2 both love it. If I get the comb out they come running.

It saves me money on flea treatment and they get a pamper session. It also takes out any moulting hair so a bit less on the chairs, sofa, bed etc.


Reminds me of Bijou, as soon as I go near the hosepipe tap on the terrace, she is off inside like a black rocket :slightly_smiling_face:


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OK Chris, you hold her, I will watch :rofl: