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Hi All

We have just seen an item of garden furniture on Bon Coin that we would like to buy. It is in Brittany and we are near Albi so we cannot collect. It comes with delivery options of 0.99€ to a Relais or €14.2 delivery to us via Colissimo. It just doesn’t look right how can they deliver a garden table and chairs across France for that price or is it a scam?

That would seem to agree with this thread:

Perhaps send a message to the seller.

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It’s not a scam but a useless aspect of the way they have reworked the site. When you post an item for sale it seems to add this automatically whether or not you are able to offer delivery.

Our advert for 5 tyres has the same! So we have added “pas de livraison” into the advert. You need to contact the seller to see if they will arrange delivery and the cost (which you pay).

Hi Jane

Thank you for the explanation, what a stupid system. If I had bought it and clicked on the deliver to relais would they have been obliged to do it for 0.99€. I suppose I would just then have had to fight Bon Coin to get back my money.

Regards Nick

I don’t think so, and I hope not! I think the seller has to “accept” your offer of purchase. i might soon find out!

Hi Jane

It is an interesting point as the livraison for a large item could be high. I am not sure a garden table and six chairs would even be possible with colissimo and as our local relais is a vival shop I don’t know where they would keep it. Please let me know how you get on.

Reds Nick

I would never trust Le Bon Coin to handle the money side of things. I recently posted an ad and paid extra for photos and sent 12€ in payment. None of the photos appeared. I sent a message no response whatsoever for over a month. Managed finally to find a way of complaining and received a refund 5 weeks later. Imagine if it had been 15,000 € for a car or similar!

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I’ve recently sold many items on leboncoin, and also purchased a few and must say, I’ve found it very good, once you cut out all the timewasters who send one message and then promptly disappear into the ether!