Bye bye Boris

You have to wonder what the Met were doing throughout all this at No 10, O God they are at it again, this one even has a suit case full of booze, quick turn a blind eye as Boris’s pal Cressida says anything they do is ok with her :thinking::unamused:

One way to describe the situation is disgusting

What is even more disgusting is they are all getting away with

It. What is the point of paying people to destroy the country

I’m pleased that No.10 have apologised to the Queen after the latest ‘party’ revelations but it would have been nice if they had also apologised to the rest of the country at the same time!

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It would have been even nicer if they’d been the type of people who didn’t behave in such a way in the first place that they need to keep apologising afterwards to everyone for their awful behaviour. Not sure there’s much learning going on there!

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And only because they were caught!

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Does make you wonder what else is out there???

No doubt Mr Cummings and Goings will be sharing in due course :grin:



The second time they will have had the decorators in lately, she will be into No 10 with a big tin of whitewash and a big brush.

I’m not a great fan of John Harris - generally thin analysis - but it’s good to see a mainstream media article that goes beyond personalities and explores some of the real differences in ideology and economic interests…

I see Stamer was enjoying the party season as well. As if anyone with a working brain cell thought the Left cheek of the Westminster arse was any different to the Right one.

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Keep telling yourself if it helps!

Even Nick Ferrari is saying these are simply not the same.


Apart from wanting the best for the family we have in the U.K., I couldn’t care less. Don’t live there and am not going back.

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Same here.

I just want Boris Johnson gone - I can’t stand the lies and the corruption - I don’t really care who is in the post so long as they are significantly better.

And there’s the rub. The U.K. is on its third generation of professional politicians churned out by Oxbridge/Harrow/St. Andrews PPE factories and parachuted into safe seats after a short law or media career.

None of them have you or the countries best interests at heart.

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This is the 3rd time they’ve run this story. It got zero traction twice before so they’re just going to keep running it out of desperation. I’m surprised you’re only seeing it on attempt 3, but perhaps it shows that finally someone’s noticing.

One of the political commentators in the Shropshire Star seems to think the whole of Westminster has known about event on 20 May since it happened. He wonders why it wasn’t mentioned before - is it because they were all at it?

It’s all about timing, last year no one would have wanted to take his place but now we’re coming out of the pandemic the maneuvering has started and the party want him gone before the damage gets beyond salvageable.

Because they are opportunistic shits and you need to keep your powder dry.


Well, the new beer fridge was put in the press room, so take from that what you will.