CAF says now we've left EU right to stay terminates on 31/7/16 - help!

I've just received a letter from the CAF to say that as we are no longer a member of the EU we are no longer entitled to any benefits and that our droit au sejour here expires on 31/7/16. What now?

Firstly, the UK remains a member of the EU.

Secondly, as explained by a constitutional lawyer, the UK Parliament needs to pass an Act of Parliament to authorise the procedure to leave under the Treaty and given that 60% or more of the House were in favour of remaining, the likelihood of that succeeding is remote - to say the least - which is why Cameron has resigned and BoJo et-al were not cock-a-hoots at their press conference yesterday.

Jackanory, the CAF reacted within minutes of the result coming through? They don't do that.

No one else has mentioned this.

This is false, either you are making it up to get reaction or someone is winding you up.

well I'm not making it up so I'm hoping it's some sort of scam - but it looks exactly like all the other official letters I've received from the CAF. Is it safe to ignore do you think? Don't fancy my chances arguing international law with them!

Can you scan it and upload it here Sarah? Then we can have a look and five you our considered opinion!

I don't have a scanner but I've taken a photo. Have I just misunderstood it?

That looks kosher to me. How long have you been here?

The letter was written on 16 June. I don't think it is related to Brexit at all.

That letter refers to you as a "ressortissant de l'union Européene" this means a person who comes from a member state of the european union, it does not imply anything about brexit, indeed it is the opposite, you are being expressly addressed as a member of the EU. We had something similar a few months ago. This is simply bad timing.

You are being told that as an EU citizen you have certain rights which allow you to be in receipt of certain benefits for a given time, that time is now coming to an end and if you wish to continue to get them, then you need to supply particular documents or information justifying your claim. The right to claim any benefit is reviewed regularly (usually about once a year for things to do with children, for example) and you are asked to supply evidence as to why you should get it. Perfectly normal.

Or, as is the case, she has misunderstood the document, " either you are making it up to get reaction or someone is winding you up." is an odd reaction.

It's absolutely nothing to do with the Brexit vote. It's personal to you telling you your right to whatever will stop on that date.

There's ne need to scare people who are already worried about what's happening.

Thanks, and sorry for the scare!

I shouldn't think for a moment that the OP was trying to scare anyone - just wanting reassurance!

What I don't get though is the reference to the 'droit de sejour' - my understanding was that there was no requirement for this for EU citizens? Which we still are. At the moment....!

Jumping to conclusions without thinking it through or maybe asking for a translation from a friend or neighbour before 'going public' on a national forum ?

Peter, this kind of thing is exactly the point of SFN. Sarah was right to pose the question here. It was clearly answered and anyone can now access this information.

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With respect, the date of 16th june should have been the big clue..

That's seven days BEFORE the referendum !

It would have been constructive and helpful of you to point that out instead, preferably in a non confrontational manner.

That point was made early on by Clare Norman in her post at 14.22 - have a look.