Can I see a photo please...!

I've had some really good banter on SFN recently, from property prices and alco test kits to the eternal "monarchy -v- republic" and "UK -v- France" questions. What I really appreciate about SFN is that I can "see" the person I'm chatting to/debating with unlike so many other forums where people don't even use their real names (non of which I use incidently because I find everything and more here). So here's a simple friendly plea to all those "new member black squares", some of whom don't seem to be very "new" to me, PLEASE post a photo so we know who we're talking to, come on now, don't be shy...!

@ David :)

He'll have CH breathing down his neck too as this is meant to be a more 'informative' than 'philosophical' discussion.

Santa, you're early

@hayley. Ho Ho Ho.

Good advice Hayley, I have had my share of heavy breathers.

well spotted Andrew, and apologies for underhand marketing methods!!!

Superb Ron ;-)

Here are some Photos for you Andrew

Ron Birks

Parasite Marketing Inc.

I always saw you as smoking a pipe, until I expanded your pic, yesterday! And yes, I will put a pic up very soon!

Like you Sheila I hate having to have my photo taken...but just lately I've had to provide all sorts of 'family at home'/business type photo's for websites to advertise residential language courses. It took a lot to prise me off my horse or not to appear as a dot in the distance (glass of wine in hand helps but not allowed) - didn't realise that was a choc rugby boot though Nick! Whilst on the subject, I think that as Brian Milne is such a valued contributer, he should re-do his pic as it took me ages to work out what he was doing, mdr!!!

Is there a 'ditto' button? Lovely to see such a positive reaction and so many people uploading pics.

Just want to say, since Andrew posted this, how nice it is to see so many new faces and less of those black squares. More than that, great to see other members helping people out who were having difficulty in uploading their pics.

Keep it up.


Apple's iOS doesn't provide access to the photo library to mobile Safari, nor does it support our text editor, meaning you can't change your profile photo with an iPad :(

This could be fixed with the release of iOS6 for iPad/iPhone etc, but that's not readily available yet.

Also Internet Explorer doesn't work well with SFN which may also be causing you problems uploading a profile photo.

Sorry about that!

If possible please use Firefox, Chrome, Opera or Safari (desktop version) when using SFN




What a mug..

As I said before Andrew, you beat me to it. I think it is necessary to maintin the difference betwen SFN and other sites which allow anonymous nasties a free run.

None of us here want anything to do with that sort of thing, so perhaps we are a self-selecting bunch, but you still have to abide by the rules.

You are so right Andrew its nice to put a face to the name Avatars work on some sites but this one is for grown-ups..mostly!

Ha ha ha ha, calm yourself woman!!! Sounds like a seriously slow connection going on there if it's still whirring. Don't worry about it now, have another wine - we'll ask Mr H if he can have a look tomorrow. He'll probably fix it in 2 seconds flat.

Might have to get technical help on this. Hopefully James will see this post and tell us why it won't upload, particularly since you've no problem uploading a picture to your gallery. Go and have another glass of wine! I am off to our little terrace for a glass or two then bed. Youngest getting married back in Ireland on 12th July so have to discuss with OH plans, etc. Night. Sheila