Can I see a photo please...!

Try another glass of wine.

It's not co-operating with the iPad is it! Do you have computer access or is that iPad it for now? Was going to suggest (because I can't access your profile page obviously) that if you can simply right click on the photo, save it as a jpg, then upload it into the profile picture box. Simple on a computer but iPad's another story.

I'll be watching out to see if anything changes. If not, and you're iPad-bound, perhaps James and Catharine could help as they would have the necessary access I should think.

Will be watching...

Hey gang, let's play, let's see how far 'off topic' we can take this baby!!! get Brian!

what was the topic again?

It would look good with a 3D nose.... trouble is, it looks a bit like that guy from 34.

what if, right, your head, yeah, is shaped like a big Black square? It's like when Catharine says... don't use a picture of a cat!... like, what if your that guy, who's face is tattooed like a cat?

Just saying.

perfect Ron ;-)

Ron you are going to have to market the Dusty Bin SFN mug now - I want one of those

Valerie...haven't you got work to do?

It had been proposed the ' shy ' newbies be issued with a disguise and new mug, on joining... but no, all the best ideas get blown outa the water!!! ![](upload://q4fAHq3Z8CrPbYtDflU3VGoWRnp.png)

Soooo close, Sian - right, click on "You" on the top bar to go into your profile. You'll see a box, top right, "Settings". There's an option in there, your profile, says "Upload new photo" and you'll see the thumbnail where it will go.

Any problems at all, yell!

Just catching up on this post and people's reactions - thank you all for your support, I thought I was going to get a few disgruntled victor meldrew types telling me I didn't need to see what they looked like or that it was some sort of infringment of their privacy - wrong! Nice to know we all appreciate the freindly community spirit and value the profile pics, and the funnier, more humorous the better. Many thanks all of you, and please forgive me for not answering every comment individually. Let's keep those new member black squares for just that - new members, to give them a day or two to hunt out and upload a "suitable" photo ;-)

Good for you Sian. Will have suitable drum-roll ready. :-)

Welcome to SFN by the way. Can't help with how to do it on iPad but hopefully other members will know what to do.

Ah, c'mon John - we don't mind if it has your file number along the bottom, lol - otherwise take one from your webcam! Simple-z.


Better than a black pic which looks like it was taken at night...... with no moon!

or flat on your side fast asleep?

John, cant believe you have only one possible photo to add to the site...come there are loads...dont deny us your visage!

I think the fact we look at a face when we email is whats so personal in this website...tried the other web sites who all use pseudonyms...and its all a bit....well,.....false! you can say anything under the umbrella of hidden identity...that is why this website is the best....but agree that a month is about long enough to dig out a photo.. out of date or otherwise...

I was just thinking exactly the same Andrew. The one thing that makes the difference is the photo, even if you are flat on your back fast asleep!

Andrew, I know where you're coming from but if I posted a REAL picture of myself I would get all of George Cloony's fan mail! So I hide behind this hideous facade...