Canal Plus

I have received the usual periodic brochure in the post urging me to subscribe to Canal channels.
The flyer does not make it clear which channels are available on each service and I cannot find a definitive answer on the internet.
The choice is Canal Plus…Canal Plus et le pack Canal Plus…Canal Plus et le pack Sport Plus or Canal Plus et le pack Cine Series.
Canal Plus et le pack Canal Plus says it shows F1 but if you want Champions League and French Ligue 1 football you need Canal Plus et le pack Canal Sport which also lists Moto GP but not F1 which is a must.
If my priorities are F1, French Ligue 1, Moto GP what is my best course of action? Champions League and English football would be a bonus but not essential.
I know there are other options out there involving boxes, VPNs and other stuff but I’m trying to keep it simple.

The only time I ever understood what C+ was offering was about 25 years ago. Once they started splitting their offerings into Film, Sport, Adult, Series, etc, I lost the plot


Exactly…glad I’m not alone. Hopefully someone has a grip.

Expensive rubbish imo.

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That it may well be Peter but if one is keen to watch something it has to be paid for. It is free no longer.

F1 on Canal + in France is in French.
I have watched it a few times (I don’t have a subscription personally but was available while in Hospital) and if you are a fan of F1, it’s very easy to follow. The presenters can get quite excited which adds to the pleasure.

Thanks Graham. I need to establish if any football or MotoGP is also on Canal Plus or do I need to get Canal Plus et le pack Canal Sport which is twice the price.

Sorry Damian, can’t answer that. Must confess to not being a fan of football. Do C+ have a free trial period these days? I think they used to.

Look at the Bein Sports options if you’re looking for sporting progs.

I have always had SKY Sports which is my one luxury in life. Anything else ie BT Sports or Premier Sports etc can be easily found on the streaming channels free of charge.
I had a Canal + package included in a deal a few years back and it was ok but pricey for what it was imo.

Do you think the costs have increased since Covid restrictions on sports ground attendance Peter?
Given the amount of money these events have to pay out for trasmitting their activities to media companies (Sky et al) and no (or restricted) income from the gates, someone has to pay…
I was thinking about this when watching the snooker recently and listening to “canned” clapping when a simple pot was sunk.

Sky has been brilliant since the lay off last year with multiple transmissions on match days. I have been well and truly compensated for all the lost hours I paid for.
The canned crowd noises works for me at most footy matches though the snooker noises don’t add much for me.

It isn’t free, people like me pay for it.

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That’s very kind of you sir.

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If you were to give the matter some consideration you might come to the conclusion that what you do, if not illegal, is immoral. I’m reminded of some people in Wembley who used to catch the “bendy bus” to central London. They called it the “free bus” because they didn’t get on by the driver and didn’t pay.

If people like me didn’t pay there would be no BT Sport.

That’s very noble of you sir.

Equally , If people like me didn’t pay their 1000€ per annum there wouldn’t be Sky Sports either.

Thanks to both of you!

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You’ll have to explain the relevance of that. I don’t watch Sky Sports.

The relevance is that 1000€ is a big chunk of my pension. I would love to subscribe to others but can’t.
It’s pure economics and I don’t feel any way that using streaming channels immoral, far from it. Companies like BT can quite easily put a stop to it if they wanted to.

Well I pay a very similar amount out of my pension. I don’t think the fact that BT could stop it if they wanted to makes your position defensible.

Oh well, I respect your opinion.

Happy viewing.

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