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Hi All
we have had Fibre in our village for about 10 months. its something I really need for work, but its not yet available at my house for some reason.
its very random how its been installed; some houses missed out etc; with the box on the wall outside.
ive tried so many ways to speak to orange but nobody is listening…they just say : you dont have the box outside so you cant have it - try again next week. thats been going on for months and months now.
my neighbour next door has a box, and the other side; but not me.
ive asked for an engineer to come and look and they will see; but no they wont arrange that.

could anyone help me get this sorted please ?
ive spoke to the Maire and they say its nothing to do with them…

thank you

There’s endless comparison sites that allow you to check by address if you’re eligible for fibre - there’s more than orange out there. So check if anyone offers fibre that’s the obvious place to begin

Orange don’t own or control a lot of the Fibre network - they’re just an operator on the system - plus orange don’t actually install it - it’s sub contracted to lowest possible bidder … But if the system says no then orange or whoever can only follow that

yes, thats the problem - it says we cant have it as we dont have the box; although the houses on each side of me do. so im trying to find who to talk to to resolve that.

ive tried all the providers not just orange; so its how I get the box onto my house that I need help with. its very strange


The poles should have the name of the “owner” on them along with a code that identifies the location.

sorry I think your misunderstanding my question.
nearly everyone has fibre in the village except my house.
there are no poles; its all underground until it comes out the ground to a property clipped direct.
there are no names, just a reference number on the grey boxes attached to the front of each house.

Just wondering if you’ve asked your neighbours how they got their box?
Izzy x

Odd, and very frustrating situation to be in.

It is possible capacity has been reached - just checking now I find that I am only offered VDSL and not fibre, despite there definitely being fibre in the village and having fibre options the last time I checked (probably last year out of idle interest).

This is on both degropuptest (which I note won’t let me test from the UK any more - thankfully the server that I rent is in France) and the Orange website, logged into my customer account.

So, what they might be saying, albeit explained badly, is that if you do not have fibre already connected (either to Orange or another ISP) then Orange cannot offer you a new fibre connection.

I’m guessing that your neighbours had fibre installed when it was first available - I’d agree with @IzzyM the easiest thing is to ask them.

If it turns out they had the fibre termination without having service installed but you didn’t - that’s even odder.

Thanks Billy

i spent around 3 hours on the phone with orange English helpline yesterday.
ive got to the bottom of it after 8 months !
the allocation of fibre connections on the outside of the house was in someway random !
they chose the easiest places…apparently.
ive found out that the armouring fibre ( the main one into the village ) is not fully used up…so no spare fibres.
even though only 65% of the available fibres are being used…
so Orange have signed a deal with (???) for a new armouring with more fibres to come into the village, and then they will start again with installing the boxes on the outside of the houses…lets hope im in that one !!!

my next-door neighbour said they dont want fibre, even though they have the box.
orange said its not possible for me to use this box as its assigned to their house ! even with a letter of consent etc etc…

it could take 2 or 3 years more, or be done next week…nobody knows…
so thank you all for your help; but it would seem like the system has won…for now.


And there was me speculating that Orange had divided the job between 2 contractors, one starting from each end of the village and working inwards and each finishing 1 side of your house without actually covering you.

I can only imagine how frustrated you are.

Why am I not surprised. Orange was forced into deploying fibre by the various governments (national and regional) so that those governments could then say that France had x% high speed internet throughout its territory by 202X. My guess would be that the stipulations only mentioned a minimum degree of coverage per commune though, hence the limited initial fibre trunk deployment.

It currently looks like we’ll be in the same situation as you. The aerial fibre cable has been rolled out to the centre of our hamlet on the EDF poles which are placed along the road (which also happen to carry the current POTS copper cables as well), but oddly enough, not along the EDF poles that come up the hill from the hamlet to the 2 outlying houses (a distance of about 200m). When I test the fibre eligibility via Orange’s website, it can’t find our address, and if I give our phone number, it says: “we’ll let you know when it becomes available”. The irony is that we currently have a subscription with Orange for ADSL2.

I asked the mairie about the deployment because our neighbour just below us on the hill is also interested in having fibre, his house has never had DSL, but it does have an old telephone wire cable running to it from the nearest EDF post, and I know that the previous owners had a telephone at one time. The mairie hasn’t yet got back to me on my query, but I have a strange sense of foreboding that we will be told the same thing - “not our problem, check with Orange”.

yep, sure is…

Ill attempt to attach the map I used to see most of this…directed by orange phone support…
you enter your address and it shows you who has the grey box for fibre on the outside…and who just has a normal cable connection…
give it a try

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We’re still at the “fibre broadband is currently being deployed in your commune stage”. If I put in my exact postal address, it says it can’t determine eligibility, yet I can click on my house with a little flag on it, to be told that I have access to ADSL and that I should check out Orange’s offers for that…

Yes, its a waiting game for us both I think…
its getting closer, so ill just have to keep checking.
its a complete roulette in our village in regard to which houses got the fibre box on the outside…c’est la vie. c’est la manière française :roll_eyes:

Same here in Vire. There are houses in my street that have fibre - some [inc mine] not. We, the unfibred, were promised it in June. Guess what … ?

I don’t need fibre. And if it is offered I will turn it down unless it’s at the price I’m now paying Sosh for ADSL - €19.99 p.m.

Thats fair enough;
for me its a real necessity as I send and receive large file drawings online; plus use cloud based design software.
I think for us its in the region of €50 a month…

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Interesting indeed! My house has not indicators anywhere near it and if I enter my address, it says
"A cette adresse nous ne sommes actuellement pas en mesure de déterminer votre éligibilité. "

So I don’t think I should be holding my breath at all :rofl:

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I cannot speak for Orange/Sosh, but here, the offer was fibre for the same price, or less, than we were currently paying for VDSL. As it happened, we took the offer, but we negotiated a very good price of 10% less plus a 15% loyalty discount and the offer of 2gb for 2 years. Also as a sweetener we gained an extra SIM card for calls up to 2hrs a month for calls to UK moby’s. Total cost: a little over 26€ a month.

There’s quite a lot of chat about Starlink - I think it’s now 50’ish a month. Installations pricy - but maybe worth checking.

i had a look at that, but couldnt see any guaranteed speeds…